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How hard is to be accepted at a big american university(Harvard,Standford,MIT etc)if you come from a pointless country(romania)

Asked by Christian95 (3260points) January 30th, 2009

I really want to do something with my life so now I’m trying to be accepted a one of this universities.My only minus is my nationality.How will this affect me

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Actually, to some extent your nationality will give you a leg up. It’s important to those places to have a diverse group of students. It certainly will not punish you.

What do you intend to study?

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Your nationality may make it easier to gain admittance, such as if the university is actively trying to recruit international students. However, you should know that your tuition fees will be that of an international student, which is often 3 to 5 times the price of an in-state student. However there are also scholarships and bursaries that exist for international students, maybe ones dedicated to Romanian students, etc.

When it comes to the big universities you’ve listed, it really comes down to your own skills, and to some extent, your grades. Basically, if you’re a diamond in the rough, you’ll have no problem getting in. If you’re an average Joe, well it doesn’t hurt to try, but don’t expect them to get excited about you. If you’re a bad or weak student, don’t even bother, competition is just too high.

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thanks very much
I’ll intend to study Astronomy and physics

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as others have already mentioned, being a minority is a big plus in the admissions process. Excellent grades are not enough to get into ivy league schools, though. You need to have an outstanding resume of community service as well.

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Keep in mind that those are fields that require graduate degrees. There are plenty of other non-Ivy schools that will get you into Ivy grad schools in Astronomy and physics. Make sure you don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

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well. Harvard only accepts like 9 american students a year. so… International should be bigger.

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