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Where can I get a really ridiculous fake moustache?

Asked by timothykinney (2743points) January 30th, 2009

I’ve searched the web, but there’s nothing really ostentatious that I can find. Have you seen those enormous sombreros? Those almighty afro wigs? YES! Now think of a wondrous moustache in the same vein…

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Why not paint it on like Rufus T. Firefly?

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Go to a wig shop

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Do you have a costume store near you? They usually have some fantastic choices.

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Maybe you can get just a moustache from this gal—

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I made up a set of “mustache on a stick” for a friend’s Christmas present this past year. It’s dead simple to make. Cut out a mustache template from a cereal box and use it to cut two mustaches of brown/yellow/red/whatever felt. Sew them together using the same colored thread, leaving a small gap in the bottom middle or side for a dowel. Cut the dowel to a good holding size (think mine was about 12 inches), apply a bit of glue to the end, then slip it into the mustache. Voila, an instant disguise, and a huge hit at parties.

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Or collect nice doggy hair at a pet groomer’s. Springer spaniels, setters and goldens have coats that would make lovely mustaches.

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You could tattoo one on your finger like my son says he’s going to do so he has a ‘stach any time he needs one! Just hold your tat ‘stach under your nose & voila!
He’s a kook.

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I’m surprised no one is asking WHY you want a really ridiculous fake moustache? Well I am. :D

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Why WOULDN’T anyone want a really ridiculous fake moustache?! :{D

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True, Nimis. Very true. NOW I WANT ONE. D:

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Just grow one . lol

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To rob banks of course.

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Does one really need a reason to have a wonderful fake moustache? It could be a fab accessory.

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