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What happens to your real identity when you enter a Witness Protection Program?

Asked by Nimis (13199points) January 30th, 2009

Assuming that you are given the option to return to your normal life
once all of the craziness blows over assuming that it will,
what happens to your identity in the meantime?

Do you still exist on paper, but in some kind of limbo state?
Do you continue to accrue debt on loans, mortgages, etc?

If someone or a group of someones is out to kill you,
I’m sure you could care less about all of this.
But I am a bit curious how it all works.

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I would have thought you can never go back. Isn’t that the point?

And I bet they keep your records there simply for reference.

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I would have guessed that it would vary case to case.
Assuming the threats have been isolated
and you’ve already testified in court?

Of course, my guess is totally unfounded. Hrmmm…

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I also always thought that they faked your death, and your real identity “died” with you.

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Really? That blows.

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I also think that it’s what chica said, you can’t go back, so it doesn’t matter.

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your old identity is sold on e-bay….chuckle.

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