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Synonyms for tough times?

Asked by curiouslillady21 (33points) January 30th, 2009

I’m looking for some synonyms for “tough times”—like rocky seas, challenging times, etc. My brain has ceased to produce anything remotely helpful ;-\

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hardship? time for hardship? Ex: Due to the economy, times of hardship have befallen the John Doe family.

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down and out, blue, in shit, rock bottom, difficult period in one’s life…just off the top of my head

what context are these for?

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between a rock and a hard place

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Up the creek…

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s#*t out of luck

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behind the eight bal

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another day another dollar

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things are tough right now

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I can’t afford to pay attention

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You want more?

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haha thanks :) some of those were pretty entertaining. The context is the title of an article. Sort of like, How to stay strong in tough times. But tough times is so overused right now. So I was thinking along the lines of rocky seas, but not quite so metaphorical/flowery/etc

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Could you elaborate?

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Punchy Mcbreakface

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Rocky Economic Shoals

Belt Tightening

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@steve6 How do u mean?
The title is along the lines of “How to Stay Strong in Tough Times” but I want to use something besides “tough times.”

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Let me go look at my Irvin S. Cobb.

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How to find yourself out of times of trouble (playing with the Beatles lyrics a bit)
Light in the tunnel in times of trouble
How to stay strong when the going gets rough
Surviving the Crisis

am I getting close?

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@Jack79 Yes! I esp like Light in the Tunnel in Times of Trouble—catchy! :)

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The Calm in the Storm.
A Good Life in Times of Strife.
Keep an Even Keel on Rough Seas.
Stay Steady on a Rocky Road.

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Turbulence Ahead
Please Fasten your Seatbelts

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Staying Strong in the New Spartaneity

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How to Keep the Light On in Dark Times?

Keeping Afloat in Angry Seas?

How to Keep Your Head when Those Around You are Losing Their Shirts?

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Take it easy, when it is easy,take it twice.

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Ooh, good ones @augustlan!
lol @fireside
@janbb that last one borders on genius :)
Thanks everyone! What a help!

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Uncertain times, life on the skids, downward transition, trying times, the times that “try men’s souls,” draggin’ the bottom, in the pitts, tied to the whippin’ post, post-affluence, beaten and left for dead, beaten down, brought down, at the water’s edge, tiptoeing across the eggshells of uncertainty, sliding down the slippery slope of despair, depression permeating the air, gnawing feeling of despair, financial ennui, feelings of tremendous loss. And that was just today!

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