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Ever been in a mood during which you found almost everything incredibly annoying?

Asked by marinelife (62455points) January 30th, 2009

Most days I can let the little insults of life roll by. Today was one of those times when life seemed like a war.

Traffic blocked an intersection so I had to sit through an extra light cycle.

A guy with a huge SUV drove straight at me in my lane playing chicken rather than wait until I passed before he went around parked cars in his lane. When I honked my horn, he hand gestured that I should calm down as if I was the problem.

The whole day seemed like that. Any ways you successfully pull yourself out of that place where it is all getting to you?

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Talk to Richard Henry and he’ll tell you that almost everyday I’m like AHHH JESUS STOP IT NO DON’T DO THAT WORK DAMNIT NO MUM NO DAD GO AWAY DOG!

I have a type of depression though that makes me do a massive downer completely randomly. So you know. lol it’s sorta expected with me.

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oh, also because of the way my mind works, sleep is usually the only cure. But sometimes that doesn’t work and I find myself angry at the shower head in the morning.

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After days like that, I shut myself in my room for at least an hour with the lights off and turn off my cell phone and all other distractions and just relax.

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Oh yes. More often than I’d like! I usually can’t pull myself out of these moods on my own. I need a hug, or a beer, or a Xanax to calm the hell down.

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I’ve had days very much like you’ve described. I will try to block out frustrations and anger by reading a book, watching some television, surfing the Internet, laying down and listening to music on my iPod, and exercising – namely going for a run or a long walk.

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I’ve had days like this…The sooner you realize you’re having this kind of day the sooner you can try and do something to prevent yourself from becoming more stressed…this is what I do if time allows…

I take 2–3 ibuprofen and a tall glass of ice water, and about a 20 minute nap, or just try listening to a playlist pre-made for times like these.

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I’m interested to hear what petethepothead does to fix these problems ^^

Edit: I meant that in good fun of course…I’m sure we all indulge from time to time.

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~ probably goes to the gym

he probably had to stop posting because his lurve score is 420–6

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I have those ^^ days. Not often, but every now and then.

Throwing things usually works best for me. I’ll go out in the yard and throw a tennis ball at the shed a few times as hard as I can. Then I feel stupid, but no longer angry.

Pot is for good moods, not bad.

Oh, you guys.

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Yes I do! I don’t know if it’s because I’m super tired, I’m 33 weeks pregnant, my 28 month old toddler just wants to have ME by his side, if not he’d cry and what I don’t like is that my mom is here, to help go trough this and I make her feel bad because of my mood.. It’ll pass once I don’t feel like a cow That can’t move at her will…

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You just described the entire month of December 2008 for me. It happens to the best of us and we all have our days. Tomorrow is a new day, look forward to that and know that you are not alone on those crummy days.

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this question pisses me off.

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The best thing to do when in that mood is go sleep. Always works for me. Or in another way, a little pampering. If I am having a horrible day, ice cream, cuddling up with a novel in bed and then turning in early are just what the doctor ordered.

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@peyton_farquhar Lurve to you for making me laugh out loud!

Thanks all. Fluthering about it made it better.

Earlier, I spent a nice long puppy love session exchanges kisses and cuddles with Mackie, which always makes me feel better. Dogs never behave like jerks!

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I feel that way everyday from the moment I wake up until the time when I finish my coffee! :)

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I’m having one of those days RIGHT NOW!

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Sometimes Im moody and if anybody tries to talk to me their voice drives me nuts. “Just shut the fuck up already asshole!!” Then it turns into the parents on Charlie Brown, “WawawaWahwatwaawwatawat” That is blaring in my head. Wearing headphones and listening to metal helps me.

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Yeah, usually it happens when I’ve forgotten to take my pills for bipolar disorder.

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Yes, I have those days. It’s best for me, and all parties involved OR on the sidelines to avoid each other…until the storm clouds pass.

I walk. I walk outside or on the treadmill, but I walk and walk…and walk. I may even pour a glass of wine or open a great beer. I just have to decompress.

My family usually offers up the sacrificial lamb, that’s my 5 year old – he usually can get me smiling, quickly!

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Yeah, I sure do have those days. At work when I’m all caught up, I play on here, another site I’m on & I IM. Someone will come in & I just want to say “What the HELL do you want???” But I smile & make nice until they leave. Some days I just don’t want to deal with the public.

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@jbfletcherfan I think I’d totally crack up seeing you in that mood!

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@cak sweetie, you’d never see me that way. I’m just sweetness & light when it comes to the library patrons. Except for the gal who brings her 2 squalling brats in every day to check her email. I want to go lock the door before she ever gets to the steps. :-(

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Yes, and lucky for me, my husband knows when I’ve crossed over to irrationality and will ignore my outbursts or at least not engage in what I’m on a rampage about. I always feel like a total bastard later, but that’s what lack of estrogen does to me.

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@Megan64 that’s when you get on Effexor XR to smooooooth out those moods. ;-)

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