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Asked by teira (236points) October 3rd, 2007

Just recently moved into the city of chicago and am finding a ridiculous number of restaurants advertising their BYOB status. Is this just a trend, or a restaurant having difficulty getting a liquor license or what?

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It is the liqour liscence thing in big cities it can be very expensive. Actually I like BYOB it is usally cheaper to bring your own bottle!

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Chicago’s fine Mayor Daley has a talent sometimes for making life difficult for businesses in Chicago, thus many have to find alternative business plans. You may have heard of Chicago’s many well-intentioned fiascos regulating foie gras, gun stores, video games, etc.

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Exact same situation in Philadelphia. You also can’t buy beer and liquor in the same store—there is a special state-regulated wine-and-spirits store and a separate regulated beer distributor. I think they used to call these “package stores.” Anyway, maybe that’s related to difficulty or expense involved with getting a liquor license. It works out cheaper for the patron anyway! By the way, here the BYO status also seems to go hand in hand with a “cash only” policy. It upset my visiting mom, who is used to paying for a cup of coffee with a credit card in L.A.

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