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Can someone tell me a good game to play?

Asked by Christian95 (3260points) January 31st, 2009

I’m really bored so I need a new boost.Please give me an idea

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Maple Story ! LOL

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You could play the game I’m currently playing. It’s called “How the hell can I get the sound working on my computer again.”

(I wouldn’t suggest it though)

Couple places to kill time until you find something:
Addicting Games
Armor Games

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facebook Attack! It’s Risk! basically, but everyone is so good at it that it will take you a while to remember all the rules and master.

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@sakata – do you need to reload your sound driver? Mine likes to play, “let’s quit working and see if she notices!”

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There are some pretty good brain games at Luminosity. You can give your noodle a workout and have fun doing it. It’s a pay site, but they give you a free 1 week trial.

@Sakata if you win the sound game, let me know. I don’t have any sound on my work computer either!

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52 pickup

Kiev749's avatar has some cool odds and ends.

COD4 is always fun.

More specificly what is it for? comp or console?

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lmao nice

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you know I asked this a couple of weeks ago, and still did not get the answer I was hoping for. And looking here, it’s still the same. I don’t think it has to do with the people who answer. There really aren’t any great games out there any more. What you have is either old ideas reworked with different graphics and slightly different features (I mean, what’s the real difference between Empire Earth and Age of Empires?), or failed experimental projects that make no sense. I think piracy may have a lot to do with it. Or lack of creativity on the side of the programmers. Or something else I can’t put my finger on. But it seems that we have specific genres with their own fans, and companies just make games according to recipes to fulfill the demand and fill their pockets. It reminds me very much of that period of mass-produced second rate horror-movies for video.

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Well, if you’re looking for a game to buy, try Portal. It’s an amazing puzzle game. A real break from blasting everyone in sight in most shooter games.

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Thanks very much natepilling.Portal really is a great game

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I want to recomende a Game Assasin cread.This game is a live game with so many options to make the game.It is from crusaders age.In that game are cityes like are Acre,Damasek,Jeruzalem.The game has stuff from RPG and Adventure Games.That mean lots of jumping and reaching walls atd….

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Dont be a hard ass. open yourself up to new games. Open your mind to something different.

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Try half life two or Team fortress two. Both great PC games. I would also recommend the original fable. Or go to that game is addicting, my highest is 600’ try and beat me.

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Team Fortress 2 on STEAM which is a computer program that sells games and what not, is now like $9.99 for the weekend.

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Hide & go seek.

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@Kevisaurus I play that with my little sister but she has her mouth banded shut, I think thats too much of an advantage.

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Oregon Trail always a good choice, what ever the age!

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I just finished Bubblequod – it will eat through your brain power though.

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If you’re into RPG’s then definitely World of Warcraft. They charge a monthly fee of I think 13.99 plus a startup fee for your account which kinda sucks but it’s a great game, especially if you’re really bored and lazy like me and waste unbelievable amounts of time on it.

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Unfortunately WoW’s numbers have been dropping like mad over the last few months. I know this is an old question but at this point in time I would just wait it out for a few more months. There will be a few great games coming out before the end of 2009 and a few more releasing in Q1 2010.

Diablo 3 (Q4 2009)
Starcraft 2 (Q4 2009)
Left4Dead 2 (Q4 2009)
CoD:MW2 (Q4 2009)
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Q1 2010)

There are more but those will give ya something to research.

Happy gaming.

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