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The 'how to delete' brings up another question I have...

Asked by jbfletcherfan (13212points) January 31st, 2009

How do you delete something that you’ve just written in a PM to someone else?

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Not possible to my knowledge-invoke profuse apologies?!?

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Feel free to pm me if you have any other tech support related Qs that may not be in the FAQ section. Cheers

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So you just found out the Flutherite you just insulted is the 6’2 240 pound bouncer living in the apartment next door and he can see your screen through his living room window?

(Sorry, couldn’t resist and feel quite silly due to sleep deprivation :)

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LOLLL,,,,,nah, neither one of you are right. Just wondering….........

I WILL watch my windows, tho, Tao. :-)

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