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Laptop or desktop?

Asked by boricuasabrosa (15points) January 31st, 2009

I am tryin to buy a computer and
I am trying to decide which one to go for
Any advice? I would appreciated

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I like my laptop because of the mobility. I have a mac at home, and a pc laptop from work. The work one hooks into a larger monitor, keyboard and mouse at the office.

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If you want to take your computer with you places, or even in different rooms in your home, a laptop is your choice, but if not go for a desktop because you usually can get more for your money.

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I like my laptop. Whether I’m taking it across town to class with me or across the room to my bed it’s nice to be able to take it wherever I want.

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Like the last four days without power, my laptop gives me a reason to hang out by myself at the coffee shop, where it’s warm and sociable. I can even get real work done. If I had a desktop, I’d be out of luck.

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Personally I have always been a fan of the desktop, First they run faster because a lot of laptops have over heating issues which slow them down, another thing is I can upgrade my desktop a lot easier than a laptop due to everything fitting. So I can hang onto a desktop easier. Also, If I need to fix something its easier to fool around with a desktop as well. The only issue is mobility, however atleast for me, most of my entertainment is centered around my desktop for movies, music, and reading. So it is where I spend most of my time.

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Oh, also the price is usually better on a desktop because you are not paying for them to minitaurize anything, and if you already have a monitor theres another thing you can cut out of the price.

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it’s a laptop world

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I run my laptop 36 hours mostly with no overheating.

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I just went through this myself. I ended up with desktop, because I work at home and rarely travel for business. When I travel for pleasure, I don’t want a computer with me.

All that said, if money had been no object, I might have gotten a laptop anyway.

Good luck!

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My MacBook is my connection with friends and relatives all over the world and I like to always have them with me. I never shut it down, just put it to sleep and pack it up. At home I connect it to a full size monitor and keyboard so it is pretty much the same as a desktop. I know a desktop would be faster and have more grunt, but this lappy compared to laptops and desktops I have had in the past is so fast, even with large files in Photoshop or Illustrator, that I have no complaints. It has all my music, books to read or to be read to me in iTunes, movies, photos, business information. I love it!

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go for a laptop – swank around yr bedroom and browse rsvp , watch a movie in the kitchen, write down stuff when u think of it , eat outside and type – all too good – basically it’d fun.

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I love my laptop because I can take it anywhere and love the mobility of my wireless internet…I can take my desktop outside if I want but I have to bring along the 100 ft extension cord :-)

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Laptop. The portability makes it ideal. But make sure you have a good battery! Usually the one it comes with will have a max of two hours’ usage capability.

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It all depends on if you will need the portability or not. If you do get a laptop they are really handy.

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It depends completely on what you need and what you want to do with the machine.

Do you intend to do a lot of heavy processing, computer animation, rendering? Do you want to leave the machine on for a long time? Do you want a machine that you can upgrade in a few years time? Then you want a desktop.

Do you want to bring your machine with you? Are you looking for something to get you onto the net and typing notes? Then a laptop is better for you.

If you just want a simple light device that you can bring to class and take notes, then you may even want a netbook, which is a lighter, smaller, less powerful but also less expensive laptop.

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I love my laptop. I don’t think I’ll ever buy a desktop again.

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Really depends on your own needs, but I love my desktop

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A laptop but then a nice big screen, keyboard and mouse to use at home. Viola a desktop!

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