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What foods are famous in your city?

Asked by elijah (8647points) January 31st, 2009 from iPhone

You know, what is your town known for? What should people get to eat when they visit your town?
Here in Buffalo we have chicken wings that I’ve never seen replicated properly anywhere else, we have beef on weck, and in nearby Rochester you have the garbage plate. Mmmmm!
I know a Chicago dog is magical, NYC pizza is amazing, Philly cheesesteak wit’ or wit’out,

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I can’t think of any one food Sacramento is famous for besides, perhaps, tomatoes.
We do, however, have a famous restaurant: Biba’s.

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Beer. (it’s so filling, it may as well be food. :P) Portland, OR, by the way.

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I can’t really think of any food that is native to Portland. But I will agree with DrasticDreamer that we have some fine breweries here.

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Did you know that in the Bavarian constitution beer is considered a staple food, equaled to “liquid bread”?

As for OP, I live in Vegas, we have it all but nothing of our own. We even have an Eiffel Tower with Crepe Suzette and Croq Monsieur :)

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@AstroChuck I love a good tomato, not those shitty hothouse ones.
@DrasticDreamer are you in Milwaukee?

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Ooops I guess johnpowell just answered that for me

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Yes allie. I know I should be sleeping.

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Oooh Portland! Serious micro brews! Haven’t been up there in years! Are Dante’s Inferno and The Cobalt Lounge still around?

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Domino’s Pizza started in Ypsilanti, the town right next door where I sometimes live. And Little Caesar’s began in Detroit, an hour away. Apparently Southeastern Michigan is known for moderately-crappy chain pizza.

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@TaoSan Yes, they are, indeed. :)

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@TaoSan :: They are still around.

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Davis isn’t really famous for anything except being bicycle friendly, but you can’t eat bikes.
The Hotdogger makes a mean frank, Steve’s Pizza is pretty delicious, Burgers N Brew has juicy burgers, and Murder Burger (Redrum Burger… whatever, I’m a local, it’s forever Murder Burger) is pretty legendary around town.

@johnpowell Yeah, you should.

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Guess I gotta make a trip up there again then!

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@Allie :: Pepper Frank.

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@TaoSan Definitely do. Portland rocks, in all ways. ;)

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he is only 14 years old.

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Yeah, I had seriously good times there. Cops are a bit Nazi’isch though…..

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He’s 17.. I saw him yesterday. His brother is 14.
Still too young for me… and illegal.

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Tao is 17? Nevermind, then! Our beer sucks… ;)

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Pepper Frank is 17.

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I’m 17????

Wow, I knew I look “fresh” but not that good :)

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Oh, okay. Cool. Haha!

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Look what you’ve done, JP. You’re confusing everyone. ;-] Even Tao doesn’t know who he is anymore.

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Ah sweet dream of youth, gone with one devastating post again haha

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I will stop

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And by stop I mean watch pornography.

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It’s called Nirvana ;)

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@Tao….aaaaaaaaand welcome back to reality.

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crash and burn :s

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you’re making me dizzy now

so much for a hijacked thread by the way :)

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[Mod says]: Please cease the chitter chatter and focus on the question.

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@Allie- I love the Hotdogger (veggie dog for me) and Murder Burger (veggie version). Don’t forget Woodstock’s Pizza.

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There’s nothing really special about my town specifically, but MD in general is famous for crab cakes! Yum…

But most of you probably knew that… :)

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Steamed Blue Crabs w/Old Bay Seasoning
Crab Cakes
Utz Potato Chips are made in Maryland and Natty Boh Beer started here but is now brewed in NC,I think.

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New Haven is famous for it’s pizza, and the hamburger was invented here.

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Dewar’s Chews…Dewar’s is a local ice cream shop (which is also good), but their taffy chews are so addictive. My favorite is a peanut butter chew, which has a peanut butter center in the taffy, salty and sweet at the same time…yum!

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Whatever the farmers grow. Mostly corn and pumpkins. We do alot of pumpkin chuckin around here.

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Smoked Meat

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@Mtl zack oh my god POUTINE!!! +1million

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Dick’s in Seattle.

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Thurman’s Cafe – home to I think #7 in the USA for best cheeseburgers. It’s definitely #1 on my list of best, however I haven’t been to 1 through 6.

Happy Greek – supposedly has Columbus’ best Gryo…and so far I can attest, it is the best priced gyro, and you get the most in it too, delicious.

Columbus, Ohio

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(Louisianan here)

Red Beans and Rice
Crawfish Etoufee
Po Boys
and of course southern fried chicken

(Healthy list, eh?)

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There are 12 restaurants within 3 blocks radius of my front door. We have everything. Tourists will go for the bread, crab and fish, But in the neighborhoods there is authentic Russian, Chinese of all kinds, Italian fancy and rustic, Thai, Vegan, French snooty and bistro, German, Basque, barbecue-Texas and Tennessee, Brazilian and Peruvian and tacqerias. I woulbn’t be surprised if we had more eateries per capita than any other city, And that doesn’t even count

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the bacon buttie, scones, and rhubarb crumble from an Irish bakery or the piroshki. beet and walnut salad and mother-in-law pastry from the Russian takeout.

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Moon Pies taste freshest in Chattanooga Tennessee.

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One word:


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Seafood at the Barking Crab or Joe Fish.

Miniature chocolate chip cookies at the Boston Chip Yard.

Clam chowder from the Boston Chowda Company in Lowell.

Anything from Mike’s Pastry.

Kelley’s Roast Beef.

Dunkin Donuts coffee.

BBQ from the Blue Ribbon or Redbones.

Fresh produce from Wilson Farm.

And, of course, Baked Beans.

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@buster Moon Pies are the shit! In a good way… =]

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@cprevite- You forgot Boston Cream pie.

and bagels from Finagle A Bagel.

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@AstroChuck Ooh, good catch.

The bakery here at the farm actually makes something called Midnight in Boston which is a reverse Boston Cream Pie.

And I lurve Finagle a Bagel.

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well in my city we have a huge brownie bake off so th’re really popular. (i won 2nd place) YUMMY!

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@cprevite- I almost enjoy watching the buzzsaw split them as much as I do eating them.

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Real-live mexican food. More than anything else, AZ has great mexican food. (You go back east, they serve canned beans. I shudder to think.) Many, if not most, of the restaurants around serve some flavor of Mexican food, from La Parilla Suiza to Islands to Garcia’s to Top Shelf to Macayos, etc.

Also, there’s this place that’s famous for pie, but my mom went and said it was weird and not very good. Homemade pie is much better. :)

I guess we also have good pizza…Pizzeria Bianco and Oregano’s come to mind. (Why, I have no idea. Is there a strong concentration of Italians in AZ?)

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Hot Dogs
~ New York

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@Aesthetic_Mess great list! Plus multiple, distinct, excellent options in each of those categories.
Add falafels. Even though they’re not “native” there are oustanding manifestations of falafel in NYC, newcomer Crisp has types I’ve never seen elsewhere.
Add Indian Food in several concentrations, most notoriously E 6th St, Lex in the 20’s and Queens/JacksonHeights.

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