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What are the most beautiful places you have ever had the pleasure to visit?

Asked by Bluefreedom (22926points) February 1st, 2009

Some of mine are:

- Grand Canyon
– Palace of Versailles
– Niagra Falls
– Redwood forests in California
– St. Peters Cathedral
– Athens, Greece

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Mendocino, Ca
Sleeping Giant, Conn
Catalina Island
Everglades, Fl
And I agree with you on the Redwoods.

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Ajloun Castle, in Jerash, Jordan.

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The Piazza de Fiore in Florence, Italy

The Jewish Ghetto in Venice, Italy

Stressa, Italy

Paris, France

The French Quarter in New Orleans

Catalina Island in San Diego

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@cprevite lurve for the French Quarter. I had forgotten that one.

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The Poconos in Pennsylvania. I know that sounds stupid, but I was there at Halloween one year, and the mountains were gilded in gold and red leaves. It was spectacular.

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Knightsbridge, London

Venice, Italy
Wenceslas Square, Prague, Czech republic
Berjaja Mahé, Seychelles
Pohjois-karjalan, Finland

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One time I went to Disney Land. It was fun.

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Yukon Territory. Absolutely breathtaking!

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- Grand Canyon – yes
– Niagra Falls – yes
– Redwood forests in California & Oregon – yes
– Thousand Lakes Wilderness/Burney Falls, California – yes
– That place at the top of the trolley thingy in Hong Kong – yes
– A random creek in Western Australia – yes
– but the most beautiful is still my front porch lookin in

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Door County, Wisconsin
The Atlantic Ocean off St. George, Bahamas
Three Sisters – NSW, Australia
A private beach in Fox Point, Wisconsin
St. Paul’s Cathedral, London
The forests near Plattsburgh, NY

I can’t wait to see the Lake District in the UK, and Lands’ End, ooh, and Scottish castles!

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This mini-town called Meldrum Bay which is in Ontario. It’s literally at the tip of the Mantoulin Islands and is just this amazing town with like 15 houses, an inn, and a convenience store. You take three steps and it’s to the water.

@NaturalMineralWater It’s called The Peak and agreed, it’s one of the most amazing city nightviews in the world…

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Athens was beautiful? lol ok I guess you only saw the Parthenon then. I lived in it for 4 years and what I mostly saw was the inside of buses, with people’s smelly armpits an inch from my nose. This was before the Olympics though. Now you see the inside of air-conditioned trains, so it’s not that bad. Greece does have many beautiful places actually, but you have to look for them. My favourite is Nisyros, which is probably one of the most beautiful places on earth.

I was lucky to see Australia’s Gold Coast in the winter, and it’s so amazing without the tourists. There are many nice places if you’re looking for natural beauty. Some of the views are breathtaking.

There is a nice spot near Loch Lomond I’d like to see again one day, it’s all forest and little streams, with birds singing in the summer.

The view from the bus on the way to Kappadokia in Turkey was surreal. The colours on the rooftops were brighter than any painter’s stroke could ever manage.

My favourite city was Prague. It had a smell and a feel out of this world. But all that has been lost ever since American dollar-bearing tourists discovered it on the map.

And Denmark has this funny cute feeling. I always thought that if there was a God that built planet Earth, then Denmark was built by his son as a playground. Everything looks as if it has been painted by a child: the trees, the houses, even the people.

There are many other interesting places. But these are the ones I can remember. It’s a funny old world really.

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Where I live right now is dramatically beautiful in the dry with the red earth and amazingly blue sky, then about a million shades of green in the wet, just about every beach I have ever visited in Australia but especially Rainbow and Fraser Island. The coral reefs in Raratonga. And before I left USA, I loved DC and NYC in the spring and the Florida Keys. There are so many beautiful places on this earth, I wish I could see them all.

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I forgot Yosemite .. that place is a jaw dropper too.

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The Andes
Quito, Ecuador
Beaches in Ecuador
South of France:
Avignon, aquaducts, coliseums, Pyrenees mountains beautiful.

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Tokyo viewed at night from Tokyo Tower,
Plitice Lakes (Croatia)

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When I was living in Japan, I had the chance to experience nagashi somen, “flowing noodles”, in the most beautiful of places. The place was the middle of the woods on the top of a mountain. We’re talking off-road driving here, at least twenty minutes solid straight into the heart of the most gorgeous forest I’ve ever seen. And just when it seemed like we were lost, there it was, a little camp-like setup, a few huts here and there, and a lot of people.

Nagashi somen is, like I said, “flowing noodles”. Somen is a type of Japanese noodle, white and thin, very refreshing when eaten cold. Nagashi somen is when there is a long trough, traditionally made with halved bamboo but modernly made with stainless steel, angled so that water runs down it. People sit around the trough, where there are additional noodle seasonings and toppings, and the noodles are released from the top of the trough and slide all the way down. You catch the noodles as they go by, put them in your bowl, top them, and eat them. Yum. The only problem was that I was left handed and the noodles were approaching from the left hand side, so it was a bit awkward to catch them. But I managed. The atmosphere was very jovial and pleasant, and combined with the beauty of the nature, it is hands down my most beautiful experience to date.

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Somewhere near Turquoise Lake around Leadville, Colorado. I have a picture in my mind of the time I spent there. So quiet at night. So dark. Amazing place.

Tide pools in and around La Jolla

Pike’s Market in Seattle.

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@dynamicduo That sounds amazing.

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The view from my deck;
The Grand Canyon at sunset;
The view from a mountaintop on Bora Bora;
Washington DC in the Spring;
Vermont in the Fall;
The view from the fish traders shack in Providenciales;
The Redwoods;
The drive to Carmel;
Lands End on a misty and cold morning;
Heather growing on the Scottish Moors;
..............I have to stop now…............

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Jenny Lake in Grand Teton, WY
Grand Canyon the north and south rim
Napali Coast Kauai, HI
But number one is a delivery room watching my wife give birth to my daughter

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Grand canyon.
Laos (verdant green rice paddies being plowed by water buffalo, surrounded by harsh, upthrust crags of gray rock).

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@dlm812 Ya got a room for rent? for 2 adults and a child

my wife cooks like a house on fire

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@syz: Alaska is on my must go to list!

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@cprevite I’m sure I could find a way to make it work :) Don’t believe anyone when they say Southern Indiana isn’t beautiful!

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@dlm812 Actually, I haven’t heard much about Southern Indiana either way.

I’m definitely intrigued after that photo though.

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@cprevite I wish I could find a better one… that’s nothing compared to some of the other views around here, especially during the fall months.

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The Swiss Alps.

I haven’t had the fortune to travel much, but I hope to see most of the other places listed one day.

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Hana, Maui, and the Sonotas near Playa del Carmen, near Cancun

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Glacier National Park. And my own back yard in MT.

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Tahiti was nice. Still pretty undeveloped. Even more undeveopled was Truck Lagoon although I guess it is not real safe. We were on a live aboard dive boat.

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The Grand Canyon, definitely
The Joshua Tree National Forest en route to Las Vegas from Arizona; miles upon miles of Joshua Trees, which are some of the coolest (but weirdest!) trees you will ever see.
Niagra Falls

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Lake Superior and Lake Tahoe. The U.P. of Michigan is absolutely beautiful!

@bythebay so jealous! I would love to visit Bora Bora.

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I had to go to Google and look up images of some of the places that many of you mentioned (I didn’t know what or where they were) but they were all excellent, in my opinion. And many of them were also great ideas for locations that I’d like to see in person someday.

Thanks for all the very nice answers, everyone, and for those still to come.

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the Maldives without a doubt!

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Maybe the prettiest, or at least the most memorable was flying my Cardinal over the Rockys with a dear friend. He had only a week or so to live (cancer). We flew for 2 hours w/o saying a word. It was severe clear unlimited visability. This was in the winter at about 14.5K feet from around Boise North to Canada, then back to Seattle via Victoria Island. He just looked out the side window and front windscreen and cried a lot. cheeese I was wreck up there with him. It all turned out. He passed away 2 weeks later and never stopped talking about his trip (over the mountains) looking down at the earth.

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As a follow up:
Here and

(I should have done it this way in the first place)

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Pyramid Lake, Nevada.

the rain forests of Oregon.

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Dominica (not the Dominican Republic)

Yosemite, Swiss Alps, Outer Hebrides, and many more.

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-my home (Santa Barbara)
-driving up the California coast (esp. around Big Sur and Monterey)
-Sweden’s west coast (breath-taking views from Kullaberg)

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In no particular order
—The view of the Swiss alps from the airplane
—Tracy’s Arm in Alaska at 5 AM
—Looking up at the stars in the middle of the dessert in the Israel with 0 light pollution
—Looking out on Klipkop animal reserve in South Africa at sunrise
—Sunset in Venice
—Sunset in Kruger National Park in South Africa, with the silhouettes of elephants, giraffes, zebras and buffalo in the background
—The lights of Montreal, the river and the shore beyond at midnight from on top of the mountain

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@Mtl_zack – I never got so far in the province to see the city from the mountain, but I thought Vieux-Montréal was stunning at night. All the lights, and the river. It was lovely.

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The city center in Munich has the most beautiful city hall I’ve ever seen, with so much detail I felt like I could stare for hours and not appreciate every party of it.

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Aren’t we all indeed for fortunate/lucky/blessed to be able to have seen such amazing places? This is such an incredible list to read – thanks,Bluefreedom, for such a great Question!

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Niagra Falls, CN Tower, sleeping giant LOL. Thats about it. I have always wanted to visit Africa (Kenya I guess) and London. I am like half english (british) and I would love to live there.

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@Desiree333 do you mean Sleeping Giant on the island of Kauai just north of Lihue?

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@ gooch no I mean Sleeping Giant in thunder bay, Canada. Haha. Well it was supposed to be a world wonder.

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@desiree333 I’ve wanted to visit Thunder Bay for quite some time. Is it as beautiful as I hear it is?

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Umm well I have lived here all my life, I find it to be pretty average (guess I just have nothing to compare it to) If you like camping, fishing, scenic views, and outdoorsy stuff I think this is the city of your dreams :)We are getting a huge mall, Im pretty exctied for that.

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@desiree333 Sounds like the city of my dreams, that’s everything that I like. Thanks!

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