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Why did his pool go cloudy?

Asked by jellyfish (161points) February 1st, 2009

my friend wanted to clean his pool – he added clean water, chlorine shock treatment and 1k 200 – now it is all cloudy-why???

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What did the pool look like to start with? What is 1k 200?

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The chemicals do not take effect right away wait 24–48 hours. Also put the pump and filter on to power the jets to get the water moving around.

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If there seems to be a considerable amount of haze in the water, you may also need a flocculant.

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lol, flocculant.

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lol. flocculant not flatulent, mo!! :)

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take a sample of pool water to the local pool store for testing. They’ll tell you what you need to add next in what quantity. I learned this the hard way!

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