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Is it too late to reverse what I put on my w4?

Asked by babiturtle36 (2354points) February 1st, 2009

Im a moron and filled out my w4 incorrectly. I claimed too many exemptions. I put “2” instead of “1”. Im single, no kids, its just me.
NOW, I did my taxes myself and have to PAY. Ive never had to pay before. I thought maybe there was an error on my w2 so I went back to my employer and we did some research and it came back to that I filled out the w4 wrong. DARNIT!!
If I was to go to an actual “tax company” and have my taxes done by them, would they be able to correct my mistake for last years taxes, or am I basicly screwed and have to pay $500.
I hope this made sense.

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It’s too late to do it for last year, but you can talk to your HR department at work and change it for this year. You may find a way to defer your payment and then maybe break even next year, but you would have to talk to someone at a “tax company” about how to do that.

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Darn! Thanks so much. Oh yes, I have definitely already changed my w4 for next year :) You live and learn I guess.

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The IRS says you are allow to change your W-2 as often as you want, some companies limit it.

Being single, claiming 1 exemption will put you close to a break even point.

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A tax preparer couldn’t amend your return to negate the impact of taxes not paid but maybe they could find additional deductions that would help offset the taxes owed

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My tax clients always pay close to zero.

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The W4 controls how much money is withheld from your paycheck to pay taxes later. You are paying the same amount in taxes—it’s just that because you made a mistake on the W4, you have to pay the difference now rather than having a bit taken out of each paycheck.

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I would change your w4 to a zero instead of a 1 or 2. Then you will be safe from owing the government anything.

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