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Should I be worried about this process?

Asked by blastfamy (2164points) February 1st, 2009

Safari has been really slow… ish

Checking the Activity Monitor shows Safari [user process] and a “kernel task” running as root. The message count on the process in tandem with the high ram usage is worrying me. Should I be worred?

Screen Shot here.

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That is pretty normal. It is in line with what I see.

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The other curious issue is that the process can not be quitted. Other processes as root can be quit…

What is that process doing? any ideas?

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That process is like the basic thing that lets software talk to hardware. It can’t be quit. It is pretty much the lowest level of software that keeps your computer running.

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got it. Makes sense given that it’s the kernel, and all. I just got worried for a second that something went rogue…

Many thanks!

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