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What are you doing , besides wathcing the super bowl?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) February 1st, 2009

for some reason, i am not feeling it this year—and i’ve thrown some real hot super bowl parties where people did not want to go home after the final score.

my family is watching DVDs as i cook a home-cooked meal, nobody is interested in the BIG PARTY. is the economy that bad? enjoying JUST THE FAMILY instead of visitors and friends on party night. no tacos. no chili. no hot wings. just comfort food….

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my bad, “watching”

i hate when my thoughts beat my keypunches.

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Designing a website, eating some pizza, fluthering, watching commercials, have to write an email soon.

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homework; fluthering…; more homework; more fluther…

OK, screw the homework…

Fluther all the way!

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I skipped the party because I’m not feeling well. I’m just sitting here watching the game (it’s pretty good so far), enjoying the commercials, and of course fluthering.

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home-cooked meal: BBQ ribs, mustard and turnip greens, cornbread, mac and cheese. watching “get smart,” which is very funny, sitting with my dog “max,” super bowl on the little TV as background noise. jerk steaks on grill…

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Drinking a DP, eating a brownie & playing on here.

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Watching commercials, of course. And fluthering.

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Besides watching the Superbowl, I’m eating food and trying to control my anger which stems from the ridiculously poor performance by the Arizona Cardinals in the second quarter of the game.

And I’m Fluthering too, obviously. :o)

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…Erm. I’m not watching it.

I never have, and I don’t intend to start.

Homework. Fluther,

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Super Bowl Virgin, lol

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super bowl = (yawn x 2)

i’m cooking. and drinking. uhoh

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Waiting for Bruce to quit making his grating racket.

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I cleaned my room instead of watching it. I’m going to football hell. (Hopefully I’ll be in good company.)

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I’m glad so many other Flutherites are skipping the game too. I don’t feel so alienated now.

I’m just Fluthering, reading a psychology book, and listening to music.

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@cdwccrn good i’m not alone in this thinking!

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I loved the game. It was not so much a Super Bowl as a real football game. Also, since you wrote that question about food I ended up making Sombrero Dip (which I somehow had never had).

Good time. Now I am Fluthering.

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I was fluthering as well as watching the superbowl. Too bad Arizona lost :(

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