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When I call people's cell phones internationally from Skype, could THEY ever be charged?

Asked by zina (1653points) February 1st, 2009

I’ve been using Skype for a while this way, and this feels a bit silly to ask, but someone just mentioned it today. I don’t see it in the FAQs etc, but I might just not be finding it. My friend said a foreign number appeared on her phone, and she was worried about intl charges. Could that be?

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as far as I know, that totally depends on their telephone provider. But, I think for the most part if they recieve the call they don’t get charged any extra for it. But all she has to do is call and ask someone from the company that provides it for her.

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I’m fairly sure the call is routed through that country so to them it’s like a local person calling them. I think that before I bought a number for my skype account, when I called my dad in Sweden, he said it showed a Stockholm number calling. I could well be wrong, though.

You might want to get in touch with skype to double check.

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Only for air time. International tolls will not apply to VOIP calls, as they are not circuit switched until they reach their endpoint on the Internet. In the U.S., incoming calls are never subject to tolls, unless the subscriber agrees to reversal of the charges. With VOIP, this would never be the case; Skype does not even have an option for that.

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Just to add, from my personal experience, that getting a Skype number and credit cost as much as you would pay to any phone company, but the duration/price ratio (meaning how many calls you can make) is really great.

And to answer your question – no, I’ve never had that problem and I’m using Skype for years.

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