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Whats it mean when your ferrets bites at the cage?

Asked by tocutetolive90 (888points) February 1st, 2009

I just got a ferret and when i put her in the cage she bites at it and shakes it. Does she maybe have an over aggression problem or is that normal?

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It means that she’s bored. Make her environment more entertaining or play with it more. Cage biting can be very dangerous and lead to too much tooth wear and infection.

A ferret should have about four hours outside of the cage a day to be a happy and psychologically healthy animal.

As you’ve asked this question in particular, I have a sense that you haven’t done much serious reading about ferret care. I suggest getting a few books and honestly reading them from cover to cover. This animal is your responsibility now. Make sure she’s getting the care she deserves.

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Well my boyfriend had a ferret and his never did it. She been playing with the cat. she just does it when we are in the room and put are in the cage. she stops when we leave ussually

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She’s saying that she’s bored. Get her more toys. One of the things about animals like this is that they’re smart, and they have distinct personalities. The fact someones ferret did or didn’t do something isn’t pertinent information.

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ok…............. and she is getting the best care she is. Im vet tech, animals are my life

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and i just got her today

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It means she wants out.

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Sounds like an escape attempt to me…

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nothing bad? just means she doesnt want in her cage even tho she has too be?

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