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Are you intimidated by questions that already have a decent amount of answers?

Asked by lefteh (9429points) February 2nd, 2009

Put yourself in this situation:
You get home from school or work, and sit down to review your thirty-something new questions. You see a question that you may have an interest in responding to, but it already has 26 replies. Does this discourage you from responding? That is, in general, are you less likely to respond to questions that already have a fairly large amount of answers?

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if the question has already been responded with the response i was going to give, i will not reply.
Regurgitating information is unneeded.

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Although I am not sure intimidated is the right word, for me it is more often discouraged from answering if there are already a lot of replies. Occasionally, I do.

Usually, I look over the responses. If the discussion has pretty thoroughly covered all aspects of the issue, I don’t respond.

If it is a plain poll question (what’s your favorite whatever) I usually don’t respond if there are already a lot of responses.

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Yes, I guess I am. I mean, by the time I get down to that many answers, what’s left to say?

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Maybe not so much as intimidated, but having an unneeded reply. And it would depend on the question, general or specific. Sometimes I will answer a question without viewing the other responses just to include my input, then again, it depends on the type of question.

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I get intimidated when all 30 answers I agree with and have nothing left to add, but I still want to add my opinion even though it has been said 30 different times. I feel left out!

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No, those are usually the best or funniest! I love to learn and laugh here!

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If no answer is the same as what I’d say, or I want to crack a joke, then I answer. Otherwise, I move on.

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I was going to answer this one, but there are too many answers already!

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I’ll be less likely to answer if my answer was already given, or if I’m not sure if the question is still active. It’s hard to tell since answers aren’t dated.

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It usually depends on how long all the responses are. If I feel like I will spend 10 minutes reading, then I may skip over it even if i am interested and plan to come back later.

I have definitely jumped in 40 or more responses into a conversation without worry.

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It depends if its a philosophical question or not (and who asked it).

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I just asked this question ;)

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Here I am with an answer so apparently the intimidation factor hasn’t set in yet. :o)

Honestly, I will sometimes read through questions that have a lot of answers already and if I still feel like I can offer something worthwhile or an informed opinion or whatever, I’m comfortable in doing that.

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Why did I even answer this question?
Sorry that was dumb joke. Anyways, yeah 26 replies I would just skip it, unless I have a clear answer, or I am really interested in the topic.
No wonder because I could have sworn that I just used that corny joke above ^^^ before.

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Sometimes if a thread is too massive and I skim and notice it’s the same two people ping ponging back and forth, I will tend to simply respond to the core question asked and/or the first few comments I read. Sometimes I’ll read through and comment, and sometimes I will decide not to put my time into the topic. But I never feel intimidated by the comment numbers.

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No- If the topic is interesting enough, I like reading through the answers for the insight and laughs. By the time you get to the bottom, usually the context and tone has completely changed, so it all seems new…

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If there are a lot of answers, I feel as if a challenge has been issued to find the one aspect of the debate that hasn’t been explored.

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I can’t imagine being intimidated by anything here. But I do often see questions where my comment would add nothing, so I pass on by.

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yes (like this one!) but since you asked, i’ll be brave and throw my hat into the ring with everyone else’s

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If I’m interested in the Q, I’ll most always read everything in it. If I have something to add, I do. << See? I did.

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I’m just here looking around for La Chica’s hat. Never mind me…

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AAAaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (scurries away)

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The numbers of previous answers are irrelevant to me.

If I think I have something constructive, insightful or humorous to add, I’ll submit my contribution.

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