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A "show your age" question: Who did you like better Dick York or Dick Sargent?

Asked by Sakata (3332points) February 2nd, 2009

Goin’ back about 40 years on this one.

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I liked the first Darren. Was that Sargent or York? But honestly, my very favorite was Dr. Bombay. I still call my father Gladys Kravitz when he snoops on the neighbors!

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I really did not like either one and thought they were the weak point of the show. Dick Sargent was too facile and smart alecky, and Dick York was too weak and whiny.

Neither deserved Samantha.

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Between those two? Dick York. He did “exasperated” a lot better. His Darren and Agnes Moorehead’s Endora were more antagonistic, and that was funnier.

But my favorite characters were Elizabeth Montgomery as Serena and Paul Lynde as Uncle Arthur. You could tell those two knew how to party.

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But I hold a special place for Dr. Bombay & Uncle Arthur.

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Dick York, hands down. He had great facial expressions.

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York. Sargent was irritating.

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dick york for sure. i think he was a more memorable darren.

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Neither…they were both dicks.

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there was a “darren” character that looked a little, well, scary and gaunt. he was the better of the two, i think. guess all dicks don’t look and act alike.

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most definitely, Dick York! They had better chemistry but he seemed so spineless. Didn’t you love Gladys?

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@bythebay…Uncle Arthur. Hands down.

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@Blondesjon: Paul Lynde was amazingly funny!

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@bythebay…I know. It’s a shame he’s mainly known for Hollywood Squares.

I loved Templeton the rat. He was just so…ratty.

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Dick York. No doubt. My favorite charactar was the drunk who always gave Larry and Darren advice at the cocktail lounge. Oh, Aunt Martha was my favorite witch other than Sam. I feel like her on days when nothing goes right. At least I don’t turn a fillet into a dog turd.

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Dick York! I don’t watch re-runs with Sargent.

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Will Ferrell

it’s been a while so I’m not sure which of the Dicks is which

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Dick York, definitely. But I agree with the Paul Lynde love.

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Here’s a “show your age” moment: Wayne’s World, “Wait a minute- Dick Sargent, Dick York…Sergeant York! That’s weird.” I was the only person in the theater that laughed at that.

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Yes…....Abner & Gladys Kravitz! They were a stitch.

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Dick York—he’ll forever be Darren in my mind.

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I never knew which was which. The Darren character was kind of secondary to me.

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