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What cable modem would you recommend and why?

Asked by scottk (31points) February 2nd, 2009

I have Cox High Speed Internet. I am looking to replace my current cable modem. I plan to use the new cable modem with a D-Link DIR-655 Wireless-N router, so I need to make sure the cable modem and router play well together.

Please state why you are recommending the cable modem that you do (i.e. do you have personal experience with it?).

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Dlink is horrible, and their support is paid-for support. Bad company.

Get a Motorola modem, anything higher than a SB5120.

[Cable ISP internet tech support. I have many customers who have used dlink modems and they fail alot, and then you have to pay for every little thing when you call dlink.]

And get a different router. Just stay away from dlink. They fail alot.

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Go with Linksys for the router. Not sure if they offer an N wireless model but I imagine they do by now. As for a specific recommendation for a cable modem, I can’t say I recommend any set one because I’ve never really had any bad experience with the one the cable company provides. I think I have a Motorola now and it serves its purpose.

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