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What makes you laugh when you are alone?

Asked by Blondesjon (33974points) February 2nd, 2009 from iPhone

For example, if I am with a group of people watching some stand-up on tv, I find myself laughing at things I would never have laughed aloud at were I alone.

I guess what I’m trying to ask is what cracks up up no matter what? Alone, in a group, at a funeral, what is guranteed to make you chuckle?

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The wonderful, silly things that pets do.

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Yep, my little dog, and my kids.

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I’m laughing right now reading the horrible shit I said on here last night when I was drunk…

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facial expressions and spontaneous sayings of those who never expected it to be, well funny. also, when people do great imitations of co-workers or better yet, when you can imitate a “fart” sound.

not to mention, stand-up comedians who capture a moment in life you never really paid attention to and also, things of childhood that at the time “just happened,” but wasn’t funny until you got older.

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Cats are the ultimate proof of God’s sense of humor, and they are an ever-abundant gift to mine.

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@madcapper Which threads are they? I want to see what “horrible shit” you said last night too!

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Once, my boyfriend and I got a little frisky in my car but only the passenger side got fogged up. When we finished, I was expressing some confusion about this and he said, “It’s blow job sweat!” and I could not stop laughing.

It’s usually little things that people said like that which keep me laughing even when I’m alone.

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Milo when he does his Rodney Dangerfield imitations, and Milo when he does not.

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@gailcalled So basically, just Milo?

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Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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”... what cracks you up up no matter what?” Not just Milo, but always Milo. Other things make me laugh but not so dependably.

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@gail…Milo sports a loosened tie?

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@Jon: Possibly inside his winter fur coat, which is pretty thick, given the winter we are having.

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@gailcalled That’s how I meant it, All things Milo as in Milo just being himself.

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Even thought M has his Glock 17 pressed to my spine, I am NOT writing this under duress. He is definitely the cat’s meow around here.

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@gailcalled where do these pets get their glocks (shaking head)

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text messages from my sis with beautiful quotes of my niece. and also some movies could do the trick.

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plus lolcats, yes, indeed.

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Every once in a while when alone, something I’m reading strikes me as funny, and I’ll LOL. Other than that, I’m generally as humorless and dour as a Scot with twisted knickers, suffering through a three hour church service when the heat has gone out and it’s about minus twenty outside. Now that’s funny!

Ok, so maybe not, but who’s counting?

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Two things (and don’t ask me why ‘cause I don’t know):

1. Why JP ever wrote about dick punching
1a. Thinking about JP counting PBR cans under his bed
2. Astro Chuck wearing his new (one size too small) Newman shoes the first day.

edit: To be clear, I cracked up in a boring meeting today thinking of Astro’s shoes…I wasn’t alone, but i felt like I was.

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edit: ^^ “though”

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P. G. Wodehouse Bertie & Jeeves stories. Never fails.

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If it makes me laugh when I’m with a group of people it will make me laugh equally as much when I’m alone.

If it’s funny, it’s funny.

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Oh and, yea, funerals are hilarious. I’ve almost been kicked out of 2 of the last 3 I’ve been to.

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@asmonet: the wonderful sites of Pet Holdings, Inc. Together with Fluther and Youtube, their backlogs conspire to represent a good 80% of the time I spend ‘doing homework’ types Jayne as he diligently composes his masterpiece of literary analysis

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Nothing is guaranteed to make me chuckle.. it’s not that I don’t find it amusing.. it just is rarely THAT amusing.. it’s my curse.

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@Marina – I will laugh at P.G. Wodehouse laugh every single time.

And on a tangential note, I laugh aloud at my Jeeves & Wooster, A Bit of Fry & Laurie and Blackadder DVDs.Hugh Laurie is funny. I also laugh at how my roommates’ dog will cock her head – just a smidge! – to hear a sound, like she is dying for an excuse to start barking.

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@aprilsimnel Jeeves & Wooster is the shizznizz. Yes, it is in fact so awesome that I am willing to abandon my principles and use a word like shizznizz to describe it.
don’t the Brits make annoyingly good actors?

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The underpants gnomes, they visit when no one else is home. They sing this funny song, gets me every time.

no one will believe me though :(

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I lol at the things that people say on Fluther, lolcats, My cat, stupid stuff I find in the missing link section of the CAD forum, web comics such as VG cats or XKCD, various shows on Hulu such as Firefly or the hulu commercial, and I am ashamed that some M&M songs will get me to lol but I don’t fell good afterwords.

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Lolcats, and rereading some of my more humorous Jack Mackerel interviews from several years ago. Jack Mackerel always cracks me up.

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Any Red Dwarf episode that revolves around Arnold Rimmer.
Without him, life would be much dimmer.

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And The Phil Silvers Show.
Bilko is a god!

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Damn AC. Lurve x2 for bringin’ back old school.

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@chyna check out the Superbowl Commercials thread… it was bad

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Yes, @Jayne, yes they do. The Brits know how to turn out an actor.

Reading Terry Pratchett will make me laugh and it doesn’t matter if I’m alone, on the train, in a coffeeshop…

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A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers has made me laugh out loud every time I’ve read it.

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@asmonet Cute video but it was disturbing that a whole community of people were using lolspeak. That’s creepy and wrong

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Even though it is about nothing.

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@madcapper I read your posts on the superbowl commercials. I never want you mad at me. I would fear for my dogs life

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@ chyna haha no I am not really a psycho I just wrote what I felt would be the most horrible things that could happen to him…

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I didn’t see anything wrong with it.


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@Sakata: Yeah, I try to ignore the comment section as much as possible.

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I was scavenging around and I found this

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@90s, oh my god just watching that video stressed me out so much haha. i was verbally abusing my computer every time he lost a life. i want to download it but i think i’d end up in tears after playing it for like 6 hours and not making any progress.

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But it is sooo cool and so Japanese looking with unbearable action. HAHA!
I can’t get over how much it is one of my favorite videos.

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Almost forgot Dilbert and XKCD.

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@The Kid: YES!!! That is awesome! Lurve 4 you my friend. Lurve for you

Best comment on that game…
“3 hours, 35 cigarettes, 274 lives and 8 seizures later i have completed it!! HOORAR! If I ever meet whoever made this i will shake his hand, then rip it off and beat him with the bloody end of it for the frustration lmao X-D”


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