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Did you play Kane&Lynch:Dead Men ?

Asked by iwamoto (5266points) February 2nd, 2009

i’m picking it up again after i played through a few levels, and for some reason i find it so cool.

even though the game isn’t perfect in terms of mechanics and feeling, the whole atmosphere and grim movie style is so amazing, i guess it’s the same reason why i loved Freedom Fighters

So, what did you think about the game ? did you like it or where you too bugged out by the mechanics ? love to hear what you think about it

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worst. game. ever. i work at a game store, and that is the most returned game of store history.

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i gave the demo a try and the gameplay did not feel very fluid. but i understand what you’re talking about with the story line and look of the game. the poor mechanics are what kept me away from it.

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Visually it looks very nice, but the mechanics are horrible, just as bad as Fallout 3.

A good game library really only needs 3 games


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