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What's the coolest thing you've ever found?

Asked by Nimis (13219points) February 2nd, 2009

I don’t mean websites (Fluther!) or bands you’ve discovered.
More like you’ve looked down and said Holy shit!

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A $50.00 bill rolling around in a parking lot.

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a $10 bill by the vending machine. i needed that.

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When I was in Wildwood, NJ, a few years ago I was walking in the water super early in the morning, and saw something dark laying in the sand under the water. I went over and picked it up, and it was a black conch shell about 8 inches long and really pretty. Not all that amazing, but I thought it was pretty awesome and was excited about it :P

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Blondesjon, literally

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A civil war coat button. I never would have recognized it, but I had just returned a library book that mentioned a bunch or civil war clothing stuff.
Later, someone stole it.
But it was kind of awesome.

I also ‘found’ my dog in the car when my mom bought her. Maybe when I’m not on meds that make me pass out I’ll write the whole thing up but I mistook her for trash on the seat and then she yipped. I banged my head on the glove compartment and dazed and confused I found a sweet little one pound ball of white fluff.

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I was digging around in an architectural junkyard and found a brick from the Columbian Exposition (World’s Fair) of 1893. I still have it. Fucking awesome…if you’re into that kinda junk.

edit: before a dipwad pm’s me asking how I know it’s from the C.E. consider this:

I am a certified appraiser specializing in World’s Fair memorabilia

The fucking thing says ” Columbian Expo” on it.

edit #2: the above did not seem correct so I looked at my prize and it says “World’s Fair” 1893, not Columbian Expo. I have one I bought, not found that says columbian expo, but our belief is that one was used outside of White City.

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My mom used to always tell me about a flowerpot that was in the shape of a pink kitten that her grandma (my great-grandma) had when she (she being my mom) was a little girl. She never knew what happened to it, she thought maybe it broke or something. She always told me about how much she liked it.
One day I was in an antique store with my friend looking for something for her mom and I saw it – a pink kitten flowerpot. It looked like something my mom could have been talking about, so I bought it. I showed her what I found that evening and she got a huge smile on her face. She loved it! She uses it at work to hold her pens and pencils.

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A penny from the 1920s when I was 15. I no longer have it, ‘twas snatched. :(

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I found this question… that’s pretty cool.. I guess… oh and a penny…once or twice

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By my grandmother’s beach house, there’s this little beach that is covered with the oddest things. There’s a whole section covered with rusty metal things and the rest is glass. Most of the glass is broken or boring things like champagne bottles or handles but I have found a few prizes. I found a beautiful old blue glass bottle that used to hold milk of magnesia! I asked my grandmother about it and apparently they stopped making glass bottles a long time ago for milk of magnesia and the blue glass is especially rare. I also have an intact clear bottle that used to hold aspirin, an old alka seltzer bottle and many cool little bottles, including one that partially melted in the sun.

I wish everything still came in glass bottles.

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We used to go look where they piled all the snow from plowing the mall parking lot, when it melted in the spring there was always tons of stuff. I found a swatch watch. It was pretty bad ass at the time.

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@KatawaGrey Growing up, I would spend my Christmas vacation in San Diego. My grandparents lived there in the winter months. My grandfather and I would always walk the beach with his metal detector, finding watches, coins, jewelry, you name it. You just reminded me of that precious moment, thanks!

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@Sueanne_Tremendous: My what colorful language describing a brick that I’m sure is special and NO ONE was disagreeing with you. NIce find though, bet its pretty.

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I left my iphone and a slot ticket worth $50 in a bathroom at a casino and came back and found it still there. That was pretty cool.

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I “found” and Tandy TRS-80 at a friends house. I don’t know if they still have it but its kinda cool. I also have found in an antique shop an old film camera it still works too. The guy who owned the place got it at auction for nothing so he gave it to me. I have found three cell phones all three were Motorola, two I gave to the lost and found the other I lost.

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i found a girls phone number once… we went on a couple dates, but she had crazy eyes.

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@Kiev749 Yes, crazy eyes! You must stay away from those.

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a fossil of a plant-eating dinosaur’s teeth, or a fossilized barnacle in a phosphate pit outside Tampa, or perhaps the fossilized fingernail of a human, one of the three

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Oh I forgot, a large (36” X 10”) stalactite (don’t ask me how I know) I was beer-pissing on it on the Western Kentucky Parkway on a cut-through. Threw it in the trunk, on the way to UK.

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The coolest (meaning coldest) thing I’ve found was my first wife.

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when i was about 9yrs old i found a p/u truck in the middle of a field with the keys in it. i drove it around (but i didnt know how to drive a stick so it was in first gear the whole time)... it eventually ended up in a creek

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I got a 1919 $20 out of an atm one time and a 1964 silver quarter in mint condition in change at a K-mart in Louisville (both).

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A 650 dollar check in the mail. No postage stamp, return address, nothing, except “I know times are tough, I’m just trying to pay it forward.” The first thing I did with the money (besides cash it) is buying my roommate a cell phone and account, and buy food for pretty much everyone. That was very much a “Holy shit” moment as you so well put it, haha.

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self respect

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a butterfly on my front porch. it was spectacular. then it was gone.

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$260 dollars in a bathroom stall. I put up notices and waited the requisite time period, but no one claimed it. That was my Christmas shopping money that year.

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An old photo of my mum. In it she looks young, vibrant and happy – just beautiful.

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