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Do you take baths with your dog?

Asked by lunabean (630points) February 2nd, 2009 from iPhone

I know someone who bathes with their dog and I find this slightly crazy. This person doesn’t even have a dedicated bottle of shampoo for the dog. Does anyone else find this odd or is this a common thing?

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So not. I don’t like the shaking.

My dog does volunteer to lick me dry after my showers though. I allow him a couple of token leg licks, thank him for his efforts, and then tell him I’ve got it while waving him off with a towel.

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I have, but it was a big bathtub. Big dog too.

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uhm wow. i don’t know anybody that does. does s/he mouth kiss this animal as well?

marina’s dog is the man!

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I’ve never done it. I bathe my dogs outside…but I guess to each their own! :D

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I don’t take “baths” with my dog, but he often walks in when I’m showering. He likes to be near me asap. Some people think it’s weird to let him be in the shower with me, but I don’t see why it’s a problem… we’re both getting clean :) Taking a bath would be a different story… that’s just sharing dirt.

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Ugh gross. I’ll be first one to admit that I’m head over heals for my dog, he’s everything to me, but I just can’t justify taking a bath with him. Ugh the hair, dirt, god knows whatever else I can’t see . Bleh

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In my defense, it was only once. He jumped in with me and I let him stay.

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No, I’ve never taken a bath with a dog. Nor with a sheep. I don’t care what anyone says. Don’t believe them.

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When my dogs were tiny puppies they’d jump into the shower with me and I just didn’t make an effort to kick them out, especially since they were already soaked by then. I didn’t want them to shake off in the hallway or anything. I just let them stay in there and I’d towel them off (with a separate towel of course) when shower time was over. Sooo… shower yes, bath no.
They don’t shower with me anymore. They’re too big and they’d take up half the space.

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@Marina My dogs do the random sniff of the toosh after a shower, quite annoying! ;)

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I’m a cat person. But.. no.. don’t bathe with the cat…

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@eponymoushipster yes he does kiss the dog as well as play tug of war with the dog toy in his mouth

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My dog showers with me, but no we don’t soak in a bath together. She is a hairless so she needs different care than a regular dog. The just stands in the shower and waits patiently, and I wash her while my conditioner soaks in.

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Maybe I’m just weird, but I think it’s fine. Why not?

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My dog would stand in the water looking nervous and confused. If I were to finally get the message and remove her, she would skedaddle so fast she probably wouldn’t wait for me to open the door.

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My dogs wouldn’t be caught dead taking a bath with me. For one thing, human shampoo stinks to dogs, and for another it makes their fur puff out as if they were electrified. It is most undignified!

It’s hard enough just to get them to bathe on their own any way. They would much rather roll on a good dead possum (as far as they are concerned the only good possum is a dead one) than end up smelling like lavender or ocean breezes or whatever silly scent humans like.

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I love my dogs, but no.
I do go swimming with them, though—does that count?

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@mcbealer are you naked when you swim with them?

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No way. Just thinking of the hair issue….nope. I love them, but I will not bathe with them!

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@ eponymoushipster ~ I’m in a swimsuit, it’s at an annual fundraiser our local SPCA holds at the community pool at the end of the summer.

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@mcbealer oh, then it’s ok. dog + nudity = noway.

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Haha…I have taken a baths with my dog. She’s a Jack Russell terrier and we had both just got back from a particularly wet, miserable walk and were drenched and muddy. I got in the bath first and cleaned myself off and then plonked Bella in with me while I shampooed her too!

I also go swimming wqith the dogs too. I don’t find it weird.

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@Leanne1986 My sister’s Jack Russell loved water so much, he would jump in the bath or shower whenever anyone would let him!

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@Marina I wish my JRT loved water, she’ll put up with me bathing her but she looks at me the whole time like I am evil!!!

The Retrievers ADORE the water but I am glad none of them have tried getting in the bath with me!!!!!

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