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Molar removal?

Asked by tehrani625 (405points) February 2nd, 2009

I think that I have two Molar teeth possibly more. I have gone to an oral surgeon a few months ago and I think I am going to have the surgery during spring break. I am very nervous. I would also like to add if you have had this done please share your experience and tell me whether or not I will talk funny afterwords.

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I had four teeth pulled when I was younger. Then I had my wisdom teeth taken out on my 18th birthday. Thanks mom. Both times my mouth hurt, but it didn’t make me talk weird or anything. Your mouth will probably heal just fine and you won’t notice any difference after a while.

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Two words: Dry Socket. Make SURE you follow all the advice they give you after you get them removed. I didn’t, and I got Dry Socket, which is very, very painful. Other than that, it was fine.

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just had my wisdom teeth (all 4) taken out… i didnt feel a thing, the drugs were awesome. i had to deal with lots of blood soaked gauze for a couple days, but other than that it was a smooth operation

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Make sure you follow directions completely, especially about not smoking. Dry socket is not worth sneaking the smoke.

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Do you mean wisdom teeth? If so, relax if possible.

Avoid listening to people’s horror stories. (It is one of those things like pregnancy, where people get off on scaring others.)

You will not talk funny.

The pain is usually manageable.

Go along with the great advice of others here to follow the dentist or orthodontist’s instructions carefully.

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I had 2 removed by a dental student with local anaesthetic only. No problems.

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I had all four wisdom teeth removed. I swelled up worse than a puffer fish, but the pain wasn’t too bad.

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I would have to say that I have already had a tooth pulled. I have also had braces on two occasions (starting when I was in third grade, I am now a junior in high school). I doubt that I will be smoking but that is good advice. Thanks for the advice.

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My personal experience may be something you don’t want to hear. But, I had a terrible healing process after getting my three wisdom teeth removed. I developed one dry socket. And on top of that, my jaw just would not open. I could not really eat for at least two weeks. It was extremely painful for me, and I had tremendous fear I’d never be able to open my jaw again.
But, I am now perfectly fine.

I’ve also had one molar removed, my second to last. I was a child when that happened, so I don’t recall it at all.

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