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Been to Thailand?

Asked by lidyah (52points) February 2nd, 2009

Did you enjoy the trip? Would you go again? Did you go on your own or with a group/guide? Would you recommend it to others? Tell me about it!

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Yes. Yes. On my own. Yes.
Thailand is fucking amazing. Period. I spent about a month there last time I went. I’d like to go back for my graduation trip with my best friend (or two). It’s fairly inexpensive to get around. Everything tastes good. There’s a ton to do and see.
Oh geez, I really want to go back now.

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Can’t really list it all here, too much.

IMHO it’s one of the big “must have seen and experienced” ones.

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I was there for a little over 3 weeks. LOVED LOVED LOVED the islands, hated Bangkok.
If you are adventurous and have a wild side, I would certainly recommend it. I would travel alone or with someone you know would be a good travel partner (similar interests, flexible, open-minded, etc..) There are SO MANY other travelers to connect with if you do travel solo. It is inexpensive to travel once there, but be prepared to haggle over the price of just about everything (something I was totally unprepared for). I would return, but only to the islands ( I went to Ko Samui and Ko Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand). Good times!

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yes and I miss it! Especially the food! You just can’t get them here. Not even in NYC!

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Thailand is good because its cheap to spend my holiday at there. Good food, nice people ( mostly ) and very beautiful tourist attractions. Drop by in malaysia if you are having a holiday in Thailand. Its fun there as well.

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