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completely over populated….

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one big “Club Med”

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Hella Boring.

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Oh, God.

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Boring and messy.

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A miserable place. All the same jokes, only sushi restaurants, nobody to disagree with.

Bah! Give me a reasonable mix of sane and insane people- it makes the world worth inhabiting.

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Humanity would eventually go extinct.

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Everyone would walk around belching and picking their noses with impunity.

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the world would finally be at peace

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So so very dorky…and seriously lacking in jokes that are clever, not just silly…

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It would be very boring. Diversity is what makes this world so great. :o)

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Depends. If we were all like astrochuck, we wouldnt be able to stop laughing at ourselves.

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There would be a lot of inquisitive, sarcastic, and carefree individuals wandering around aimlessly looking for stimulation and a good time.

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The world would all get along.

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@tennesseejac You beat me to it. The world would be a kinder place.

Nobody said you can’t be kind and humorous. That wouln’t be so boring.

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It would be great for a few months. Just think of all the things you could do, create, learn, and accomplish. But yes, I would miss alot of social interaction, and moments.

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Everyone would be so bitchy and slightly cruel.

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Nobody would talk to eachother.

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The average comic book sale would jump from about twenty thousand copies to twenty million copies per monthly issue.

Stan Lee would die very happy.

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Completely surreal!

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hammock sales would shoot through the roof.. as well as corona sales.. lime sales… and every day would be beach day .. until we ran out of supplies .. then all hell would break loose

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a real mess

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Much more tolerable and less hatred floating around. A society of me could make awesome gains.

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@dynamicduo — yes! Brownies for everyone! Let’s get laid back, y’all!

A society of me would never be boring, but its cheeks would hurt from laughing so much.

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Yeah my hands may start hurting from all the high-fiving going on. But I’ll take that.

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There would be no children and a lot more dogs and the law of the land would be the Golden Rule. But actually I frequently annoy the hell out of myself so I’m not sure if I would like to live in the world full of me’s. We would all be generals!

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Competitive, brilliant, ambitious, and judgmental.

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So much fun! However, it would be anal in respect to organization. Travel would be mandatory for sheer joy and for the purpose of expanding your horizons. Needless shopping would be encouraged. Sushi at least three times a week, and viewing of sunsets w/a glass of something tasty would be strongly recommended.

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World War III

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We’d probably get a lot done.

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Oh wow…with my stubbornness? Trouble. Lots and lots of trouble!

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Intelligent, hard-working, determined, sometimes depressed—and ultimately boring. The world shouldn’t be exactly like ANYONE. We need diversity, and we need to be able to learn from each other.

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Morbidly depressed, paralyzingly guilty, yet full of unexpressed potential.

@tabbycat, I think this is about getting us to describe our personalities in a few words

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paranoid to the point where there would be complete silence

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Nothing would ever get done. The trains wouldn’t run on time, and nobody would care.

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Depressed and overly analytical. Nothing useful would ever get done but we would spend a lot of time talking about it.

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Everyone would speak English, fluently, and regard printed misspellings and improper usage of commas and apostrophes as a personal affront.

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The world as you know it would simply….run out of orange soda.

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Librarians, pizza pie makers and bakers would be the “masters of the universe” and investment bankers would be shoveling shit! (Actually there wouldn’t be any investment bankers, would there? So I guess some of the “mes” would be shoveling shit. I guess the ones who hadn’t returned their books on time.)

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We would all be a bit too sensitive, but at least we would be careful about not hurting the feelings of others.

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@janbb lurve for librarians!

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Sarcastic, and sexy.

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As soon as multi-me got to the genetic engineering stage of technology, EVERYTHING would be bioluminescent.

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It would be very poorly organized.

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I would finally be able to go fuck myself.

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@Schenectandy & @Blondesjon… YES!!!

Lurve to you both.

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Good heavens, what a horrible prospect. There would be nothing and noone to complain about.

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What a fucking nightmare that would be.

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Everyone would say very random things to strangers.

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Well I like to think it would be far happier with a much brighter and optimistic outlook on itself – lets face it it couldn’t be any worse in this regard and I certainly consider myself to be far happier and optimistic than the average.

In all reality tho it would probably turn in on itself and destroy the universe once we realised what a bunch of arrogant pricks we are.

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oooo! the world would be pretty diverse, like it is now. I change from day to day. Sometimes I’m the life of the party and sometimes, you won’t even know I’m there. Educated. Christian. Change hairstyles often. It’d be cruuuuuunk!

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Pretty hard place to live in my opinion ;) I would want to fly to the moon to be alone, or with others who would likewise escape there if they could (more of me?). it’s a paradox

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The world would relive the 90’s over and over, forever and ever, amen.

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The world would be one stuck up bitch

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We would have this really BIG meeting and eat some really BIG brownies, then solve ALL of earth’s problems…........then have some more brownies.

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We’d stop being overpopulated pretty soon because of my hysterectomy. Oh wait, we’d all be female anyway.

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@cheebdragon I like to say very random things to strangers, too. Maybe we are related.

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Gay, well we’d all be male, very understanding, we’d all be wee hairy Scottish people with beards who mumble when we talk.
I think it would be really funny? or scary? most probably nutty…
Oh and of course everything would be tartan even the clouds and we would hear bagpipes all the time…
Heaven I’m in heaven…
Off for therapy, well a wee cup of tea anyway!

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The technically there wouldn’t be a gay (but then yet, there would be a homosexuality). Isn’t that kinda weird?

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The world would end. There should never be that much awesome in the universe at one time.

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@therocketpig- I feel the same way sometimes, lol

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if everyone was exactly like you, then you’d be just one person in one space at one time.

if everyone was duplicated from you and placed all around the world… then there’d be a bunch of yous who understood eachother fairly well… for a while.. since each of you would instantly have different experiences of life based solely on your physical location and sensory experience. You’d all start thinking different things quite quickly.. and eventually everyone would become different. I mean, you’d all have the same foundational understanding of the universe as a starting point but you would grow new, separate understandings as you go.

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@ninjacolin Impressive answer

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Egalitarian, non-violent, inventive, experimental.. but it would get pretty boring.

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An ideal society, one organized in ways that guarantee the well-being of all its members.

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A plain, dull and peaceful place.

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Oh boy, we don’t want to go there. Hehehe.

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The world would be a very confusing place…oh wait, it already is

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Lol….....we’ll definitely have problems expressing ourselves, or rather, being heard over one another!

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It would be perfection for about two minutes. Then, as we all continued our lives, based the social pattern of our environment. In no time it would be just the same as it is. Except, everyone would know who I slept with in Jr. High.

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I was thinking about this the other day =S
we would all hate eachother, and probably end up all slaughtering eachother…
it would be awful because everyone would know all the things i think and do. And also the only music hanging around would be mine, which i couldnt live with, everytime someone got ill nobody would leave their houses and the whole society (if there was one) would collapse.

it would be an awful place…
and noone would talk to anyone

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@mij But…I don’t WANT to be a hairy, male, gay Scottish dude!

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mmm bipolar.. jajajajja

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A world full of autistic people would see the human race extinct in a generation or two since most of us avoid contact with others and have no desire to reproduce.

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Diversity makes life interesting . If everyone were the same life would be boring .

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First off I am not sure there are enough electric guitars and amps that go to 11 to go around…the forest preserves and bike paths would be crowded as all get out and there would be one hell of a long line at my favorite pub.

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Any project leading to human advancement required leadership. Despite my military career, I feel painfully uncomfortable in the leadership seat. All indians and no chiefs leads to chaos and anarchy. We need leaders, but not blind followers. I world full of personalities like mine would be in chaos in one generation.

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It would be fun. I would always be interested in what the other mes are doing or thinking. The world would be my playground because id always invite myself into my own home. I would watch the different mes doing different me activity and would be very happy seeing myself all the time. I wouldnt have to worry about violence or anger. Everything would be free because I would always share with myself. There would be large groups of me tackling lifes big questions and knowlege would increase exponetially. The world would be like one big supercomputer with specialists in every feild. And I could always be inquiring about what interests me and I would be joining in on the frontlines of reasearch only to go off to visit some specialist or another to colloborate on developing ideas and I would devote one of me to judge and evaluate new ideas and direct the flow of the most prominet ones.

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Pretty fucked up!

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A lot like Ravenloft.

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Well I might murder everyone. i get irritated easily

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I’m with @awacting, the population wouldn’t be around much longer… if there were more than one of me in the same room, we wouldn’t last long!

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The world would be far less violent and far more charitable (it all it’s ramifications). Progress and status would be measured by individual growth and character and not finances and material possessions.

And Fry Bread would be the national food….....

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@bags I LOVED Fry bread…only my mom wouldn’t make it and had to wait till every summer when the neighbor down from our summer cabin would make me some! YUM!

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@Cruiser Too bad you don’t live close…I make a mean batch of frybread. Navajo style!

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HAHahahahahah I read already most of what I could have said…. But I just want to say my favorite above answer and the one that came to mind fist of is I could finally go fuck myself…. LOL I hear that all time driving around here in Los Angeles I come upon some frustrated cab drivers who if ya beep at them start yelling out their window…GO Fuck Yourself Lady Hahaha so yea that’s my final answer 2 .

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Very, very polite. : )

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Not violent, compassionate, weird and silly, sometimes pessmistic while trying to be seen as optimistic, worry wart…

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Not only no, but hell no. As my old pappy used to say, variety is the spice of life.

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The entire world population would be high as a kite, or belly up under a pile of beer cans.

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