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Are kirby vacuum cleaners worth the price?

Asked by MrChattyCathy (10points) October 4th, 2007

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how much are they (can you tell i don’t know anything about them? :)

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I’m not sure if they are worth the visit from the door-to-door Kirby salesman. I’ve never seen such high pressure sales tactics and seriously wondered if I’d be able to get the guy out of my house.

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I love my Kirby—it cleans way better than any other vacuum I’ve had. Luckily we had a real cute salesman, so we didn’t mind too much the long sales pitch. I can’t remember exactly how much I paid, but I do remember that he was open to negotiation, and in the end, when I said, no , it was just too expensive, & was escorting him to the door, he came down even more, & gave me $200 for my old Sears vacuum. It was still expensive, but I think worth it.

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um. Only if you’re interested in paying $900.00—$1,200.00 for a vacuum. What’s wrong with a Dirt Devil? He’ll, why not hardwood floors?

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I don’t think so. I think they are way too expensive. and don’t let all those attachments fool you. Nobody really ever uses them. The price varies depending on how much the saleman thinks he can milk you for. We had the saleman “sweep” through our neighborhood, and the prices he quoted were from $700.00 all the way to $1600.00, for the same exact unit. They are a scam. When they come to my house, I let them shampoo my carpet for free, then show them the door. serves them right for trying to rip me off.

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no… a kirby is not worth the price, as much of a good vacuum it is, there are other vacuums on the market that do the same job for less. also a kirby is about 10 lbs, it is not a light vacuum. my mother bought one and has never regretted anything more with an appliance.

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My friends wife just bought one for 2000. Dont get me wrong this thing does all kinds of crazy stuff like shampoo carpets and is a paint sprayer and evidently a great vacuum. But COME ONE my truck isnt even worth 2 grand. Theres definitely better ways to spend the money.

Also i was there when the whole saleman thing happened and all i can say is those people are crazy. He was there from 530 (isnt that like dinner time? whats wrong with these people?) until about 10ish

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I do not know now. I have a Dyson for pet hair and It is so fantastic. No bags and it does a great job at a quarter to half the price.

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