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Is it ok to travel by plane after having a tooth pulled?

Asked by elijah (8642points) February 3rd, 2009 from iPhone

I am having a molar extracted on Thursday afternoon, and am supposed to be flying out early Friday. I remember hearing you shouldn’t fly after having teeth pulled, but that seems rediculous. I will ask my dentist, but would also like to know of any of your experiences.

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You should be just fine to travel (besides the expected pain/swelling afterwards) and i’m sure your dentist will say the same. I had my wisdom teeth pulled and then had to fly home for thanksgiving like two days after.

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When I had a my wisdom teeth pulled, I was given Vicodin and instructions to ease the swelling and pressure with a wet bag of Lipton applied on the extraction areas. Apparently, the tannin in black tea helps with that. Get as much rest as possible the night before, take a pain reliever before you get on the plane and off you go!

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Wow, I wish I knew about the black tea tip!

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It was fine for me. Just some pain cause of the height. But other then that its safe.

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Thank you, @aprilsimnel for the great tip. I will try that.

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Oh, wait, let me correct myself, I just googled it up. It’s the bleeding! Tea bags help with the bleeding. Also a good thing.

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I always have sinus pain when I fly. Some toothaches are sinus related. The fact that the tooth is gone might help. Or not.

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I traveled with a gal that got dry socket a day of two after she had a wisdom tooth pulled and flew. Her pain was excruciating and ruined the trip. Ask the dentist about dry socket.

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I thought so about the dry socket. Great answer. The sinus cavity hurts with pressure change.

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commercial planes are pressurized. You should have no problem, but talk to your dentist about it anyway.

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Just an update- the dentist says it isn’t a problem to fly. He said dry socket happens when you don’t care for it properly and lose the scab leaving an empty pocket and exposed bone. I’m scared for this to happen so I’m being super careful now.

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