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is there a wine that is made with hops?

Asked by brangeo (29points) October 4th, 2007 from iPhone

if wine is fermented with yeast is it possible to use hops as well, if so has it been done?

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I don’t imagine it would be terribly tasty, however, I’m sure some home-winer has made some…. If you don’t hear from anyone on fluther, try calling a wine making shop and asking them….

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Barley wine has hops. Its beer that is like 12% alchol.

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@gooch: mmm, good one. Tasty too.

I realized after I replied that it’s possible you’re not fully aware of what hops do? While hops are a major flavoring element (and the different varieties of hops will give different flavors), they are also what gives beer its distinctive bitter taste (in most cases). Stouts (think Guinness) are usually very lightly hopped, most of their flavor comes from roasting the grain until black. IPA on the other hand is a relatively light colored beer that is VERY heavily hopped, typically with high alphatic acid hops, to give it a sharp bitter flavor. This was originally so that the beer would stay “fresh” as it was transported from England to India (thus, India Pale Ale)

In any case, the alphatic acid content of the hops determines how much bitterness it will give the beer, and the variety of hops determines the flavors it imparts. So I think you might be able to hop a wine with a very low-acid hop, but I’m again really not sure how the grape and hop flavors would blend…

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There is something known as Winey Beers a hybrid of sorts. They are carbonated like beer and brewed with the same malted barley and hops, yet they usually have a stronger aroma, fruitier tastes—and alcohol levels that, at 10% to 15%, are two to three times that of a typical beer. They’re also supposed to be drunk warmer.

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery recently released Red & White, a white beer brewed with orange peel and the juice of Pinot Noir grapes. Allagash Brewing Co. in Portland, Maine, makes its Victor Ale with a dash of Chancellor grapes, and ferments the beer with a red-wine yeast. And in Santa Rosa, Calif., Russian River Brewing Co. makes a handful of beers that are aged in wine barrels for as long as 2½ years before bottling.

I’ve never had any of these, but I’m sure it would be interesting. I hope this helps.


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