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Windows Vista video files: Convert .MOV to .WMA?

Asked by michelle3556 (5points) February 3rd, 2009

Earlier this year, I somehow managed to change the format of videos that I upload/download to my computer from the Windows supported .WMA to the Apple format of .MOV. Now, I’m attempting to edit a video using Windows Movie Maker, but it does not support these .MOV files. Is there any way to change the format back to .WMA, or do I need to buy a program that will convert the files for me?

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Go to and search for “free video converter.” It will provide you with multiple articles and free program reccomendations.

Lifehacker is great for looking for new and (usually) free software.

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1. Yes a program is needed – This One seems good enough and free

2. WMA is a audio file (Windows Media Audio) I think you mean WMV (Windows Media Video)

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@joeysefika: Yikes, you definitely are correct with the WMA/WMV mix-up. Thanks to both of you for the help!

lefteh's avatar is one of my favorite websites ever. It will convert almost any file to any format you’d like, as long as its under 150mb.

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But what happens if you import the .MOV into Windows Media Player? Will it convert or allow you to export as WMV? Just asking.

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Yikes! This is a super-long reply, so please bare with me! Thank you, everyone!

@Grisson, it notifies me that the .MOV file is not recognized by Windows Media Player.


Now I have run into yet another problem :( I have converted all of my .MOV files to .WMV using the suggestion @lefteh had given. When I attempt to import any of the files into Windows Movie Maker… an error message pops up, and says, ”[File] could not be imported.” I searched the Microsoft site for help, and found the following:

What can I do if I try to import a video or audio file that is not supported in Windows Movie Maker?

Some audio and video file formats are not supported in Windows Movie Maker and cannot be imported. However, if you have a video or audio file that is not supported, you may be able to use a non-Microsoft video editing program to convert the file into a format that Windows Movie Maker supports, and then import the resulting audio or video file into Windows Movie Maker. Some files also require you to install a codec before you can use the files in Windows Movie Maker.


Okay, so I assume that this is the problem that I am encountering. Um… is there any way someone can tell me what a codec is, and how I go about fixing this annoyance of a problem? Hahah, thank you yet again to everyone that has tried to help!

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You could always just download VLC.

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