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What's your favorite dinner and favorite dessert?

Asked by jca (36054points) October 4th, 2007

1. what’s your favorite dinner and
2. what’s your favorite dessert?

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1. Dinner: BBq’d marinated steak, corn on cob, salad with mom’s homemade blue cheese dressing and garlic bread.

2. Desserts: Creme Brulees or strawberry/blackberries shortcakes.

Now, I’m hungry. LOL

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1. Seitan Teriyaki over brown rice.
2. Baklava
all home made.

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1. Dinner: Eggplant parmesan with mashed potatoes and tomato sauce. Yum!
2. Everyday dessert: Ice cream sundae. Fancy dessert: Chocolate mousse!

Hm. I think I know what I’m making for dinner… =)

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It changes all the time, but right now it is a bunch of sushi (varied types) followed by mochi.

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DINNER: whole chiken with chapati and some thick soup in it.
DESSERT. ice cream and some fruit punc mixed up!

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