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If you could change your gender for one week, would you?

Asked by Blondesjon (33852points) February 3rd, 2009 from iPhone

If your answer is yes, what type of activities would you participate in?

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Some great answers here.

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Lord, no! I’m spoiled & I’m going to stay that way.

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It would depend on weather or not I change and then hit that supper happy fun time part of the month. In general NO, I like being me.

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I would, and I’d do everything I could think of.

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@tehrani625 Yeah- timing would be crutial…

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But which gender should I change it to?

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@fluther…My deepest, most heartfelt apologies for asking a previously asked question.


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Absolutely not. I would not want to deal with all that hangmedown stuff. No penis envy here.

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Yes, I sure would. For two reasons. There’s the whole “holy shit how does a vagina really work” thing, but then I also think it’d be really, really interesting to see how the world looks from a woman’s perspective. To see if I’m treated differently in any situations, in ways that may be too subtle to pick up on as a man (when others are being treated differently). Likewise, it’d be interesting to spend the day as a Black person, as a Jew, as someone with a French accent, etc.

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But it’s not the same question. Sex is determined by your chromosomes. Gender is what you associate yourself with. In other words, a person of one sex can be engendered with another.

Gender doesn’t really have anything to do with naughty bits either. At least that’s how I see it.

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There is absolutely no way I would ever change my gender. Not for one minute, one day, or even one week. I will not!

I’m a little passionate about this. I have no idea why though.

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Sounds like an enriching experience…

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@AstroChuckI don’t think he hates jewish people, he just likes to nit-pick the meaning of words with basically the same definition.

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@Blondesjon- There’s only room for one cutup in this town and I’m sheriff.

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Just my luck, i’d change into a woman for a week and have my period the whole time.

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Time for some rumpy-pumpy!

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@AstroChuck…Fair enough mi amigo.

mind if i tag along once in awhile?

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@fireside Or just my luck, I’d change into a man for a week and couldn’t get any viagra.

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Hell no!!!!

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My answer still stands. Sex. SEX. Sex. And, oh yea, have sex! I may have a tiny bit of penis envy! But a week should be enough to get that out of my system.

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Hells yes. I wanna hit on girls, be a fuckhead and blame every rude remark on the fact I have a penis.

Oh, and I wanna jerk it a little. or maybe a lot.

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Yes, I’ld probably get into alot of trouble though and be a total slut.

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depends on what week

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I sure would. I would love to have a glimpse of how everything looks from an entirely other perspective. Good week, bad week, wouldn’t matter. I’d probably learn more in the first fifteen minutes than I could get out of twenty well-chosen books.

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Not me. Not even for just a week.

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Yes and I’d masterbate constantly. So easy.

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It’s not semantics if you acknowledge that trannies exist.

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And trannies do exist…

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For a week, sure, I would want to be a lot taller though!!!

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You know, I would have thought my answer to this would be ‘Yes and I wouldn’t leave the house’. And it nearly was. Id sure like to feel what a woman feels and get a greater understanding (altho I still wouldn’t want to know what it feels like to have a penis inside me k thx).

Then I had an epiphany and realised that actually I’d rather certain things remained a mystery that can only be experienced and shared with a member of the opposite sex rather than learned from the experience of being the opposite sex.

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No, because all else being equal, I’d be a 5’1” dude! Give me a foot of height along with a brand spankin’ new penis, and I’ll reconsider!

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Interesting about the number of women who would masturbate constantly if a man. I wonder if they do that already, or if they imagine that men can keep themselves in a constant state of arousal and orgasm?

I know that men imagine a similar thing about women. After all, women can have multiple orgasms. Also it seems like they could secretly masturbate any time they want, simply by rubbing their thighs together (or so I think I read in that zipless fuck novel).

Maybe it’s the idea that it’s easier for men to cum, and women take a longer time? Ah well, random thoughts from a hederoplast.

I just made that up, so don’t go looking in a dictionary.

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Totally. :)

@daloon: It’s the fact that it’s opposite what we have, same for men. Ours goes in, yours goes out. Just weird. :P May as well fiddle around and see how it all works. :)

I doubt it has to do with the time it takes to orgasm, I can reach that in two minutes tops if I want to. How about you men?

I honestly bet you could pick out the dude in a chicks body in a crowd without any effort. She’d be the one constantly checking her boobs and accidentally knocking everything over with them.

and uh, no, most women can’t just rub their thighs together. most. :P

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@asmonet: I don’t know about two minutes, but I’m pretty sure I could break the three or four barrier. I’ve never timed it, though. How do you know?

Thigh rubbing? Why asmo! You dirty dog, you! :D

P.S. I’ve been having this problem with my bedsprings. I wonder if you’d come over and check it out for me? Please? :P

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@aprilsimnel…lurve for “brand spankin’ new penis.”

it works on so many levels

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yeah! i mean, it’s kind of a unique, once in a lifetime experience. i wouldn’t be able to turn it down. there are so. many. lovely gay men i’m missing out on.

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Ya damn right.

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@omfgTALIjustIMDu I knew this question had been asked before!

I wouldn’t. God made me a male, not a female.

Yes, I sure would. “There’s the whole ‘holy sh*t how does a vagina really work?’ thing”
wow. WOW
No offense (if possible), but some of you are messed up.

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Any sentence that starts with ‘No Offense’ is meant to offend, kiddo.

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Actually, I hate it when people say that. But that doesn’t mean everyone hates it, so I said it.
Don’t you agree it is a little messed up? just a bit?

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No. Not at all.

And why say something you hate to please others?

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Um…ok. It’s an opinion, so I guess it isn’t messed up to some people.

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I know what an opinion is, I disagreed.

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I’d appreciate it if you elaborated on what you think is “messed up.”
You wouldn’t be curious of how the sex organs of the opposite sex feel and function?

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I am going to stop here. Asmonet take over for me.

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No, really, I’m curious to hear what you’re thinking and your reasons for it.
Unless you don’t have any justification for saying that I’m messed up?

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@lefteh, the fly buzzes because it’s a fly.

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Sorry, I have to ask this question:
Are you gay?
Don’t take it personally

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Buzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzz.

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Kid, I would be fascinated to find out how a penis works from the inside out. To experience something from someone else’s perspective is a taste that someone has to mature in to, apparently.

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Also, your implying that Asmonet is backing you up is absurd. Notice that she DIDN’T AGREE WITH YOU in the first place?

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@90s_kid I’m not sure why you are asking Lefteh if he is gay? It seems to me he just has a healthy curiosity of the what it would be like to be the opposite sex.

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Let’s not get too excited by Jack Adams jr.
He’s just trying out his trolling wheels.

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I learned all this in fifth grade. Basically, that’s all I need to know. God gave you a gender, live with it.

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Do you have any idea how many people live their lives trapped inside a body that doesn’t fit their mind? That is such an incredibly ignorant thing to say. It makes me sick.

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Oh sweety, no, it was just a matter of what chromosome I got, an X or a Y. Your imaginary friend had nothing to do with the bodily accouterments of me or anyone else.

If you learned all you needed to know in fifth grade, you’re not going to have a very big place in this world. Those of us who will thrive are those of us that take pride in learning every day from the people around us and who never think they know everything.

You will regret being so closed minded about sexuality someday. I can promise you this, little one. Simplicity in such an area is only possible with naivete.

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@delirium: Thank you. I don’t even know how to respond to that.

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—she had him destroyed at sweety

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Heck yes! Guys seem to run around peeing on stuff all day long. I would also like to feel what it would be like to get kicked in the balls. Guys seem to make a big deal out of it and I’ve always thought they were exagerating.

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@mrswho…I always thought you ladies were the same way about childbirth.

C’mon…is it really that bad?

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@Blondesjon – I don’t think a week would be long enough to find that one out.

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@fireside…I just meant the labor part.

Wait a minute…are you trying to say they cry about the whole nine months?!?

Geesh…try getting kicked in the nuts

fireside's avatar

lol, i hear that

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@Blondesjon: Try pushing a WATERMELON, through a hole that’s at best the SIZE OF A LEMON.

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It’s not like it all comes out at once.
How bad could it be?

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@asmonet…I think ‘the size of a lemon’ would be worst.

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Well, no one wants that but still. :P
And if you’re not convinced it’s terrible. Go look on YouTube. I know you have kids but dear god. Anyone who hasn’t seen a birth or been the one doing the birthing has no idea.

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@asmonet: how many children do you have? I’ve never heard you talk about them. Of course, I don’t see everything here.

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Yeah, but I seen that shit.

Not thanks.

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I am going to stop following this comment right now. :S green face

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Why wouldn’t you? It’s a learning experience like no other.

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Sure, it sounds like it would be an interesting learning experience. But not any time soon. I kind of need my female parts for the next few months.

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just learn thats not meant to mean books as in the written ones . . the physical ones canbe books too they can feel good if there old or young and even then eac has its own smell and you haven’t even opened your eyes. Now just touch and see what happens from there. Answer sure but I have to have complete controle over the details of how long where in the world what time of day ecerta, loaded question and many loaded answers have fun while learning . . .

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Play him off, Keyboard Cat.

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i will not trade my cock,

i will not trade my cock,
not for a rock and not for a sock,
i will not trade my cock

i like it when my nuts
slam against ladies’ butts.
how does it feel, you’re left to suppose,
when it feels great and it explodes..


i do not want a hole,
to be licked like an icecream bowl,
or blown up like the uss cole,
i do not want a hole.

i like my dick,
short fat and meaty stick,
if i had my pick of picks,
i would pick my manly prick.

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Yes. Sex and the city stuff.

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