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How is your Python/Django system set up?

Asked by phred78 (214points) October 5th, 2007

I’ve been reading hundreds of tutorials on how to do this and none of them seems to be complete enough. Before I start compiling all the info I gathered (and possibly post it somewhere) I’d like to ask the Django experts how they do it. I have a 256MB slice at Slicehost just for experimenting. So this is what I need to know:

Operating system: Ubuntu Dapper/Feisty or Debian Etch?
Python version: 2.5 or previous? The Ubuntu Dapper repositories don’t have 2.5 yet…
Database: mySQL or PostgresSQL?
Web server: Apache2 alone or Apache2/Nginx?

Also, are you guys getting things from repositories or are compiling from source? Any other tips?

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Awesome! I think you’ll be very happy with Django… That’s what we built Fluther with and it has been a real pleasure throughout. We’ve also had a good experience with Slicehost, though have since moved to a hosting company where we could get more RAM—ServerAxis. (We still use Slicehost for testing).

OS: Ubuntu Feisty.
Python: 2.5
Db: mySQL (though I think PostgresSQL is also a good choice)
WebServer: Apache2 + Mod_python alone right now. Soon we plan to add lighttp.

Let me know if you have other questions… and good luck!

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(Of course, we don’t use mod_python for static files, just Apache2). Also, we’ve been getting everything we can from repositories (which is almost most everything).

In general, I wouldn’t start by trying to optimize. Just get things up and running as simply as you can, and you can always speed things up later.

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A word to the wise: don’t compile anything from source if you can help it. Feisty should have 2.5 in it, here’s the commands that we use for a new installation (copy-pasted from our organic deploy instructions, so YMMV:

sudo apt-get install apache2-mpm-prefork libapache2-mod-python mysql-client mysql-server gcc libc6-dev python-dev subversion python-mysqldb python-imaging ipython

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Thanks for the tips guys!

@ben: I’ve been doing some more reading and Apache2 + mod_python sounds like a very good solution to start with. I’m just playing around with Python and Django, so no need to delve into more complicated setups. I am just not sure how to serve static content, but I’ll Google it. I never heard of ServerAxis before. Looks very interesting, even their most basic package at 30 USD, that’s twice as much memory than Slicehost for 10 USD more. Worth checking when I have a more defined idea on projects :o)

@andrew: I figured it wouldn’t be such a good idea, since compiled stuff doesn’t get automatically updated. And thanks for the deploy recipe!

Ok, lets rebuild the slice and start setting it up. I might post a guide and link it here.

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@phred78: The slicehost guys are great, though. They’re really helpful if you run into a problem… ServerAxis is very hands-off.

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phred78, I would be really interested in any post you make one the steps you made to get setup. I am starting up a new slice there too. I’ve been back and forth on django or rails and I can’t decide.

One thing though, the documentation to get rails set up was way easier to follow. Django I don’t really know where to start.


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Hi btko, sorry for my delay answering this.
I’ve actually put programming on hold. But I’ve decided that Django is the way to go. There’s something about Python that makes me love it and with a Django installation you don’t get the paraphernalia of files you get with Rails. Also, Rails seems to be getting more and more commercial and I have a problem with 37Signal’s attitude towards everything and everyone. I suppose that’s not a good enough reason but… :-)
I’m waiting for MediaTemple to start their Django container app. If it’s the way they’re promising (and even the djangoproject website is being hosted with them) then deploying an application will be as easy as setting up some links. But I promise to let you know if I go that way. Take care!

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