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Is there an IM client for web developers - i.e. it doesn't screw up code?

Asked by kullervo (785points) February 4th, 2009

If I paste some code I am working on in an IM client often it tries to render it or remove it. Is there an IM client or chat tool that developers can use to discuss code and maybe even with syntax highlighting

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There are websites that you can paste your code into, and then send someone the link to it. Pastebin is a good one. If you require something more secure though, I’m not sure where you’d look.

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Check out dpaste for Python/Django or Ruby. It also supports template code.

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I just tried pasting some HTML into Trillian under AIM and it seemed to display fine.

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Pastie and gist.github are quite popular as well..

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You might also like Gobby, a Collaborative Text Editor. Yeah.

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