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How can I FULLY empty the recycle bin?

Asked by aprilsimnel (30704points) February 4th, 2009

My Google-fu has failed me and I turn to you, o savvy Jellies.

When I got my new version of XP SP3, I also got a new hard drive to use as my C drive and made the old drive an F drive. Anyway. I cleaned out the F drive and all that was left was the old i386 folder. That was a bear to trash and I only got as far as being able to put it in the recycle bin. I don’t even remember how I did it. Now when I empty my trash, i get a message box saying that I can’t toss out the Df9 folder. I also suspect that there’s other Df folders where that one came from. I can’t see them, even when I change the settings to show all hidden files and folders. Safe mode and CCleaner have not been able to sort me out. What can I do?

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First off make sure you are logged in as the Administrator or a user with full administrator rights.

Whenever i get a new OS I always do a full format and reinstall, but that is my personal preference. It eliminates problems like you are having. You could copy everything from your F drive that you want to C. Reformat F. And copy it back. Just ensure you have backups in case you do something silly.

You can also try a linux live CD to delete files. I have used them before to get rid of stubborn things.

Or if you are really adventurous you can try deleting the files through the windows command prompt, but I would think that would be more hassle then it’s worth.

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