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Can I reuse a license key to MS office if I have uninstalled it from my old computer?

Asked by MarkAddison (57points) February 4th, 2009

So I just bought office and it comes with 3 legal product keys. I’m using 2 of the keys on computers my family uses. That means I have 1 legal key left. Can I install it on my current computer and later uninstall it and reinstall it on any new computer I get next year? Or will it only let me do this install once?

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If you have uninstalled it on your old computer you can reuse it on your new computer. You might have to call and tell them that.

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That should be fineā€”the only problem is when two installations use the same key at the same time and contact the MS authentication server. If that happens, you’ll get an error message and will be unable to start Office.

i think this is true, but if you’re paranoid, call MS

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You can install an unlimited amount of times with the same key. After something like five installs, you’re asked to call Microsoft Product Activation before you can install again (basically they just remind you to only use one key on one computer at a time). Then you’re good for five more installs. This cycle goes on forever.

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