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Spandex while working out - alone or with undies underneath?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) February 4th, 2009

I’m vexed.

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keep the mouse in the house – undies all the way!

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I’m starting out my day with mental images of this. Eeeek!

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I can’t imagine not wearing underwear when working out…I would feel weird going without.

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With undies. I don’t think Spandex is very absorbent, so you’d want cotton underneath to help with the sweat.

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No undies on top option? Superhero style.

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@dynamicduo the angle of my dangle is inversely proportional to the heat of my meat.

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LOL! I guess I am a bit vexed because I usually wear boxer briefs, and it feels, well too bunchy? (Yes, I know – waaaaay TMI)

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oh the nightmares that will follow…..~

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I’m curious… why would you wear spandex? And then, why spandex with nothing over it?

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@JonnyCeltics yeah i know what yer talking about.

but, as @funkdaddy asks: why spandex? get some track pants or something.
also, two words: baby. powder.

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B powder – totally.

When you’re working out, spandex just rock – they keep everything tight, and I dunno – once you go spandex you never go…backdex – huh?

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I always go commando when wearing spandex.
but I’m a girl, and I can get away with that kind of stuff

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@JonnyCeltics maybe get some jock action going on underneath?

@peyton_farquhar you’re my new favorite person.

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@jonnyceltics Spandex…...Are we walking Richard Simmons style or Hulk Hogan. I will need to know this to give the answer.

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Can’t the spandex be tight and then something not so tight for the rest of us? That way no bunching, no crunching, no julianne fries, but also no anatomically correct sweat pool left wherever your rump takes you.

Everyone wins…

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Workout spandex without underwear would stink!

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Cotton-spandex blend, that’s my advice!

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