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What are some good pranks you have played on others or others on you!

Asked by Emdean1 (685points) February 4th, 2009

Working in an office can be quite DULL! We are running out of ideas.

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see my references in this thread

another time, we got those labels you use to mark your stuff (you know, the little plastic label and the machine etches the words into the plastic – wtf are they called?), and we labeled literally everything in the guy’s cube. “mike’s left arm rest”, “mike’s right arm rest”, “mike’s ipod wire”, “mike’s monitor power button”.

it was kinda like Fight Club – “i am Mike’s waste paper basket.”

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I pulled a great prank but not in an office. In a hospital.

The hospital I worked in was run by nuns, Nuns also held administrative positions including Nursing Instructors. These nun “Nurse Instructors” would teach the young women attending the hospital’s Nursing School. Often, the training would be on actual patients. The nun instructor and the nursing students would circle a patient’s bed and the instructor would, instruct.

Patients like to get in on jokes, so we gave this male patient a joke bottle of pills that, when you removed the cap, a rubber PENIS would shoot out.

When the nun instructor and the nursing students surrounded his bed, he pulled out the joke bottle of pills and asked the nun “My doctor gave me these pills but I don’t know what they are. Could you take a look at them and tell me?”

So here is a nun, in front of young nursing students, opening a bottle of pills with a rubber penis shooting out.


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@mr_m that is pretty darn funny thank you for that

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@Mr_M was the rubber penis donated by another nun? <wink>

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Actually a Priest.

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@Mr_M yeah, why would a priest have a rubber one, when they’re usually to the gills with real ones?

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I’m not sure but I think they use it for transgender exorcisms.

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I used to be in the Coast Guard. We would tell newbies that we had to “calibrate” the radar.

We would roll them into aluminum foil and have them stand on the bow of the ship for a whole day, constantly bemoaning they’re moving around too much.

Was hilarious

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A couple of my guy friends once had this girl ask them to check if something was wrong on her car. The girl was known for not being the brightest crayon in the box, so they decided to have a little fun. They very seriously looked her car over and then created a list of things she needed to have checked/fixed… including filling the headlight fluid, replacing her kanooter valve, etc. I can’t remember most of the others but it was hilarious. The girl took them seriously and took the list to a mechanic shop. They laughed their heads off at her. She wasn’t very happy.

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This one night me and my friend pull a counter prank on my other friends. They told us they wanted to check out this abandonned house. Little did they know me and FRIEND1 are very good friends with his sister and she told us all about what they wanted to do: trap us in there for a 10–15 minutes.

The day before the prank took place we drove to the house and found our way around the house so it would be impossible to get trapped. (We went in the middle of the day so we wouldnt get too scared).

The day finnaly comes and we sneak two TINY flash lights into our undies. They dont tell us where were going but we pull up and we see the house. keep in mind the house has like a MILE of land/woods. we start walking up to the house right on to the door we expected them to go in and than they RUN. They lock the door too, me and FRIEND1 start fake screaming like COME ON GUYS, and F@#$ YOU. we tip toe our way to the other side of the house and sneak out of a window. we run as fast as we can to a near by dairy queen and order some ice cream….during the escape my phone rings about…give or take 30 times.

We go into the woods where you could see the house but they couldnt see us and we watch them talk….then look…...then talk….then look…...then call….and i pick up after the 490574657 time they called me, the conversation went something like this:

FRIEND2:JOEL!?!?!?(my god given name Joel Ramirez=jamzzy…. i <3 my tag)
Me: yeah?
Me: me and Wayne (FRIEND1) are at the dairy queen we passed before we got to that house, you should really think about checking it out after you stop trying to screw me over asshole.

Needless to say they were pretty mad at us, but they never played a prank on us again.

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Um…this question was just asked.
I once put oil on the floor and my brother tripped on it. The funniest part is that when he was trying to get back up, he fell again.

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Someone in my dorm pissed me off so I headed on down to 7chan and printed out about 20 pages of gay porn an tapped it all over his room and bed area.

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I have a small tray that makes 12” x 8” x 0.25” sheets of ice and sometimes slip them under people’s doorways in the dorm. It’s pretty annoying to have a huge wet spot on the rug in the morning when you’re walking around bare-foot.

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Taping 20 pages of gay porn all over your friend’s room can be funny.
Taping 20 pages of gay porn all over the room of someone you don’t like is lame.

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@Nimis knowing where to get 20 pages of gay porn puts certain things about you into question.

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Agreed. Wait a minute…I know where to 20 pages of gay porn.

Plus the premeditation and effort to payout ratio
on the second prank is incredibly…inefficient.

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This won’t work in an office per se, but we used to know people who owned a store. We got these lables that are the size that fit on a 15 ounce can of whatever. They said “Fish Assholes”. When in their store, we wrapped a can of Spaghetti-Oh’s with a label and didn’t tell him in hopes that one of the local ministers who shopped at the store might find them on the shelf.

Of course, he turned the decks on us, a couple weeks later, he invited everyone over for a party, and said, hey everyone, I want you to try this new product we’re carrying in my store…

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My mother used to have those plastic runners you put on top of a rug to prevent wear and tear over the hallway rugs in the bedroom area. If you look underneath, they have little plastic “prongs” that grip the rug so people don’t slide. I used to turn the one outside my brother’s room upside down (prongs up) so that when he’d get out of bed in his bare feet, he’d get a sensation he couldn’t believe!

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@dalepetrie My dad has a can of fish assholes. Seriously. We’ve never opened it… it just sits out for guests to enjoy :)

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@dlm812 – you can take the label off, photocopy it and put it on other cans, then you can open the can to see what’s in it.

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@dalepetrie are you encouraging someone to rip into some fish assholes?

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Yep…they stay crunchy, even in milk!

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