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How long would you last on Survivor?

Asked by SuperMouse (30842points) February 4th, 2009

I’m pretty sure I could last at least until the tribes merge. I could make friends with people and work some alliances. I don’t think I could make it to the end though, I’m just not devious enough. How long do you think you would last before being voted off the island?

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Lurve, lurve, lurve, lurve this question.

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I’d manipulate my way right into spot #2. But like that Johnny guy, I doubt anyone would award me first place prize. But I’ll settle for second place. It’s still a good chunk of change.

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I think I’d either get voted off early or make it to the final 6.

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As much as I love the show, if I were on, I wouldn’t be able to get past the hunger part. I’d do much better on Amazing Race.

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@jonsblond, I was thinking more just strategy-wise than the misery of being stuck out there. I would never make it past having to sleep in a make shift shelter or eating bugs, no way no how!

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Strategy wise, top 4. I’m one of the nice girls that squeaks by, aligning myself with the right people. Kind of like Elisabeth from Australia.

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Temporary game show with the possibility for major cash?
Yeah, I’ll screw a few people over if being nice doesn’t work. It’s not like I really have to see them when it’s over.

As long as I get to bring my favorite pillow. Whatever it takes. :)

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Update: I’d make friends with my winning smile and charming, disarming demeanor, I’d be quite competent in the challenges, but the cute blonde that I made my alliance with would ultimately blindside me near the end of the game.

I’d mull that over for a while, watching reruns of the show and reminiscing to anyone that would listen. Fortunately, though, I had made friends with Jeff Probst off-camera and a late night drunken conversation would become a reprise in the show on another fans-vs-favorites season, at which point my grizzled canniness and physical devotion would take me to the top.

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Not five minutes.

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@andrew: It’s always the cute blondes. :)

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@andrew I wouldn’t blindside you. ;)

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@asmonet Damn you Pavarti!

@jonsblond Yeah, that’s what you ALL say.

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Nope. Wouldn’t make it past the first elimination round. I’d be voted right off. I’m not good at “cutting a biatch”, metaphorically speaking. Nor can I dine on grubs.

Name That Tune, on the other hand, there’s a game I’d win; that, The Price Is Right or Jeopardy.

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@andrew lol I’m no Parvati, but then I probably wouldn’t win.

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I doubt I’d make it onto the show in the first place.

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I would probably fall off the boat on the way to the island.

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I would come in second. I would work with the would be winner until it came down to just us two and he or she would win.

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I would last until the beer ran out.

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I’d like to think that I wouldn’t be voted off first because I couldn’t pull my own weight in challenges, but I think some of the physical stuff would make me a target. I’m not sure I could make it through the round of eating gross foods. I think I’d make it at least to the merge.

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I imagine I’d have the mental toughness to make it to the end and a fair amount of interpersonal savvy to deal with different personalities. I don’t have bad hair days or freakouts. I’m not physically primo but determination goes a long way on those contests.

The question is: would the others warm to me fast enough to let me stick around?

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Four, maybe five hours?

I heart my technologically advanced society.

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im sure i could make it to the end, ive spent weeks at a time in the mountains with out any electronic technologyand live off wat i could find. and ive got great social skills to go with the the voting of people off

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