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Does anyone like Electronic music? Why or Why Not?

Asked by Emdean1 (685points) February 4th, 2009

I have always enjoyed electronic music expecially with vocals in it. One of my best friends is a DJ and he has been spinning records for about 5 years now in the Cleveland Area CLubs and has just starting to branch to other states, IL, NC, FL, PA. I think that this field of music is starting to get bigger. What do you all think?

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Actually, there has been quite a following for over 10 years now. I remember in San Francisco in around ‘01 there were at least 3 raves going Thu through Sun.

I particularly enjoy jungle/drum ‘n base, but also real old-school trance.

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@TaoSan you might be interested in this site then
hope you like

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Ooh nice, thx. Browsing right now.

By the way, I live in Vegas, so it’s Paul van Dyke every Thursday and Oakenfold every Saturday.

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Yes, I like elctronic music.

Electronic music has been popular since at least the late 60s when the Moog synthesizer was developed. And there’s a longer history stretching back to the 1920s and the theremin. When I was a little girl, I heard Cars by Gary Numan and thought it was the coolest. Also DEVO. They’ve been around since the 70s.

When I was a teen in the mid-80s, Depeche Mode, New Order and the like were the biggest things going. Thousands of kids actually destroyed the facade of a record store in LA trying to get to Depeche Mode at a signing back in 1989.

I giggled when I saw Kanye West’s tribute album to the Roland 808, which was the synth to have in the 80s.

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depends on the type of electronic music: in the late 90s i was really into the “big beat” sound: chemical brothers, fatboy slim, propellerheads, etc.

still love that stuff, but the current sound of some of them i don’t care for anymore.
on the other hand, i like portishead, old and new.
i have the Oakenfold Creamfields 2disc set, and that’s great background music.

i also have a lot of older Astralwerks stuff (q-burns abstract message, source material, etc.)

And i really like french electronic music, besides, of course Air (french band).

a lot of newer eletronic stuff sounds like it was produced to be played on TV shows and in the background at Banana Republic – maybe Moby has something to do with this.

so yes and no? i dunno, this sounds rambling-ish. sorry.

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@TaoSan i am going to Chicago this weekend Jon Swink is spinning at Vision Night CLub. We are all driving up to support him So much fun! I have seen Tiesto, Armin and PVD many times. I am also going to the Miami Music conference this March I can’t wait!

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Ooh, ooh, oh Tiesto! Awesome!

If you can “roll” to it, I love it :)

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I enjoy electronic music. I think Tiesto is a bit overhyped, but his stuff is still nice.

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I like many kinds of electronic music. Always have.

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I do enjoy electronic music… it’s the whole going to a club full of douches that I can’t get into. Maybe if I put some more product in my hair…

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There’s this dude where I live who still has an analog synthesizer or two. When he plays, you are in for a pretty strange ride.

I can enjoy electronic music, but sometimes it is too insistent and leaves no space for anyone else. You could have volume wars if people are competitive, and that’s no fun. However, played properly and sensitively, it can be really great!

please don’t try to get information about my preferences for various bands; I don’t listen to recorded music very much, and know little about it. What I know is about people I know who do this

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@madcapper i totally agree i think the scene is much better now then back in the day though

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@madcapper $ Emdean1

lol, I just had to think about that AT&T commercial, Slad and Veder the techno-twins hahaaaaa

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@Emdean1 well that is good to hear as I haven’t been in that seen in a while… perhaps I will have to visit it soon.

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to an extent. i think it sound interesting, and it’s obviously very danceable and upbeat, but i definitely prefer something with great lyrics. also, i’m kind of wary of new technology. while i definitely think some electronica artists are really talented, and some do find meaning in their music, i think technology makes it damn easy to disguise a lack of talent and a need for popularity. maybe i’m old fashioned, but i’m much more impressed by the guy who can earnestly but only just decently play guitar and sing something that means a lot to him than the girl who can press a bunch of buttons and flip some switches and fiddle around on a laptop.

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Hum, the bunch of buttons are just another “instrument”, making a good piece of music, electronic or otherwise, takes a lot of talent. After all, composing takes talent, regardless of what instruments are used, guitars or laptops.

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Yeah i do. Right now i listen much to SlagsmÄlsklubben, Justice, Familjen and Crystal Castles.

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@madcapper I freakin love that commercial! But they are taking the sterio type to an extreme.

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@tao, i agree, art is art regardless of the medium – i’m just refering to those who take advantage of it as an easy way to get fame, you know? i mean, i certainly can’t do anything musical, computers or not, so i’m not putting actual electroncia musicians down – a few of my favourites would fall under electronic – just certain aspects of it.

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@tiffandthewall I agree with you how technology can make it easy for some DJ’s to gain fame. But DJs that are still spinning record on vinyl are true artist’s expecially if they produce their own music. New and upcoming DJ’s are using cd’s and laptops and well that pretty much does the work for you.

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Electric music ftw. Ive always loved electric music. Ive always admired the fact that they can take a couple short blips and bloops and loop them and distort it and have an awesome song.

i feel the need to mention Justice whenever electric music is mentioned

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There was a lot of great music, til about ‘79.

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the best thing about electronic music is that it is all the same yet oh so very different. It is funny, i do a lot of mixing on tables and on the computer and all my songs that i put into MP3’s or on CD have such a long intro. My friends are always like “I swear I have been listening to the same song for an hour now!” but they are only joking. Electronic really gets inventive when the take mainstream songs and add a little kick and some bass and just set the song off. there are a couple of sites out there that everyone should check out and get themselves familiar with. One of my favorites is MOS. It is like the days of real MTV but mainly dance music. Another good place to check out new releases would be HTFR. Check those out and let me know what you think about them! I hope you enjoy! Oh, btw I did make a mixset and have it uploaded to Xstreamist. You can also find other great mixes there too. Happy hunting!

A little edit…. I forgot Xstreamist got hacked a while back and my mix is gone. I am working on getting it back up, but definitely check out the other DJ’s and the great content within.

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Electronic music makes other music sound dated. I still enjoy music with traditional instruments but there doesn’t seem to be anything that has that brand new feeling.

Now I need to check out some of the artists mentioned here :)

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Yes, I have two Finnish neighbors who are crazy over this genre. They don’t understand English, so music without any lyrics is always a good thing.

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