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Etiquette question. Is it acceptable for one to push food to the side of one's mouth in order to continue a conversation?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) February 4th, 2009 from iPhone

I work with a woman who, I swear, will push food (squirrel like) into her cheecks in order to keep talking. I’m more inclined to give the “hang on” motion, chew, then talk. Anyone else have a preference when it comes to masticating and talking?

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mom always said: “Don’t talk with your mouth full.” ‘nuf said.

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No. It’s very impolite. Disgusting, in fact.

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No! Talking with any food in your mouth at all is completely unacceptable.

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No, chew first, then converse!

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No, you could end up spitting bits of food on the person you are conversing with. Finish your mouthful first then talk :-)

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No. Definitely rude.

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For some reason, when I eat I have a tendency to move part of the food that is in my mouth into my cheeks, and then feed it in towards the center (at least I think I do; I haven’t looked in a mirror to see if I do this more than other people). Because of this, it is quite natural for me to sideline the food while talking, and so I do it without noticing. I guess I’ve offended a fair amount of people over my life, then. Whoops.

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See, Jayne, that’s exactly what this co-worker does, and I think it’s weird. I say chew, swallow, talk, take another bite, repeat as necessary. Thanks, Fluther. Jelly Lurve.

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Super gross. Totally not acceptable. Eat or talk, it’s one or the other.

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No! Chew your food well, swallow it properly then continue your conversation. I know people around you will understand, and at the same time it will prevent them from asking you questions when they see you in route of bringing your spoon with food to you mouth ..

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