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What Is The Deal With The Show Heroes?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) February 4th, 2009

I’ve always wanted to watch it. I am into shows like Weeds, Desperate Housewives, Extreme Home Makeover Home Edition, Brothers & Sisters, etc. I assumed since the one girl in the show is a cheerleader who has superpowers or something the show would be something like not sci-fi, just a little bit actiony and also kind of like degrassi or something. Then I saw it on Tv and it looked like friggin Star Trek! It was talking about some star on fire or something and they looked like they were in space! Is this show like a sci-fi or what?
P.S no offense intended to star trek or sci-fi fans…

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It’s awful.
Start at the beginning and you might actually like it, it does have a fair bit of action, mystery, drama, there’s some comedy. A lot of people enjoy it.

Personally, I hate it.

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‘The Deal With The Show Heroes’ is an independent theatre production which ran from 1983 to 1992.

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It’s horrible. Funny, if you like really bad acting.

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I concur. Heroes is sci-fi/fantasy for the comic book nerd crowd.

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@ astrochuck crap, I completly just lost interest in this show because of your comment. Hope you right :)

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Given your description, it doesn’t sound like what you saw was actually Heroes. They’ve never been in space, and there’s never been anything about a star being on fire.

I enjoyed the first season. Past that, it’s been terrible. The writers really lost their way. The only reason I keep watching it is because of my friends. I gave up on it awhile ago, and unless this volume is amazing (unlikely), I’ll stop watching after this semester (since I’ll be out of college and thus away from the aforementioned friends with whom I watch the show).

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Yeah, that star you saw on fire was Peter Petrelli losing control over his influx of powers (his power is that he can “absorb” other people’s powers). It’s nothing at all like Star Trek. It’s supposed to be about ordinary people having extraordinary powers—some who want to live “normal” lives again, some who want to be heroes (hence the name of the show), and others who, well, just want to wreak havoc.

And the whole deal with the cheerleader…well, let’s just say it made more sense the first two seasons than it does now. She’s…changed.

But I agree with everyone else. The writers recently have just been tossing stuff out there as an attempt to mix things up, but they haven’t been providing enough realistic explanations to suspend our disbelief. It’s like they started off the season with this huge messy, tangled ball of yarn and have done more to tangle it worse than they have tried to untangle it.

If you haven’t watched it from the beginning, it may be difficult to get into. I mean I’ve watched it from day one, and I’m still trying to sort stuff out, lol.

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The first season was awesome. The second season was like 8 episodes of leadup then two horrible episodes that were supposed to cram everything that was going to take like ten more episodes. This season is pretty cool even though I think there are things that I wish were different. I say you get season 1 on dvd or find a place to watch it online. It is a little sci-fi but I watch it and I’m really cool so you’re good. J/K

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I love heroes. Season 2 was lame. But I really think they did some good with season 3. And with the twist of sides. Season 4 us going to be awesome.

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I missed Heroes initially because someone was playing TiVo-beating games with it or against it (starting at :59 to prevent recording a prior show on another network, making it last until :01 to prevent recording a following show on another network).

I thought about catching up on DVD, but then I read some of Kurt Busiek’s comments on the plotting and pacing of it—mostly negative—and they just completely killed any interest I had in it. So I’m not bothering.

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Heroes, The 4400, the Dead Zone, etc. – these shows about people with special power seem to drift off course pretty easily. I am not counting the slew of shows about detectives with uncanny (but not super) powers of observation.

The only ‘special power’ show that I’ve watched that seems to stay on course is Medium. Maybe I just identify more with the main characters, who are pretty down-to-earth folks.

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thanks for all your guys info on the show. Although Im not quite convinced. Ill probably just stick with what I know I like.

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great answer. :)

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