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How do I get something out of my eye?

Asked by ben (8568points) November 20th, 2006

Help! My eye has been killing me all morning. It feels like I have a piece of dirt in my eyelid, and every time I blink it hurts. I've tried flushing it with water a number of times with no success. I also don't wear contacts so this whole area is icky and unfamiliar. Ideas?

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Get some anesthetic eyedrops in the immediate future, keep flushing.
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Kelly says "Go to the emergency room." You don't want to mess around with it. It might scratch your cornea. Or it might already have.
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what peggylou said. Move it!
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get an eye-cup from the drug store that you can use to bathe your eye in hot water rather than running water over it. If that doesn't work, you're better off getting a last-minute appointment with an opthamologist than sitting for hours in an emergency room.
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Update: I did get a last minute appointment with an opthamologist who picked out a large particle... Strangely it felt like it was still there until the next day. Am feeling better, thanks all :)
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Whew; lucky that you got to doc before theevening or during a week-end. Then it would have had to be the ER. Often,when cornea is irritated, it takes a while to calm down, even after particle has been removed.
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Pull your top eye-lid (grab eyelashes) out & down over your bottom eyelid
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Ditto Ma-goo
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works everytime
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Yeah, the doctor actually did that eye-lid grab and made it work. Though it didn't seem to help on my own.
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blink or have someone lick your eye. someone you trust not to have herpes. seriously, it totally works. I do it for a living. seriously, I don't do it for a living but that's what a lot of Indian moms do
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i was ready to scratch my eye out. pull the top lid below the bottom lid and hold it for a few seconds while you move your eyeball around….immediate relief!

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@ben things can feel like they are still in your eye after they are out because of minor damage to the surface of the eye. I once got a small piece of metal in my eye that had to be removed by an ophthalmologist. It took several days of healing after the removal for my eye to feel like it didn’t have anything in it again.

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I literally registered on this site just so i could thank Ma-goo for his answer. Holy Jesus you just saved me from clawing my eye out.

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I also registered, thank you Ma-goo. just spent like 20 minutes then read your post and 5 seconds later my eye was golden!

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none of those worked….my eye has been killing me for about 25 hours now, it woke me up many times last night, iv flushed it around 6 times, i did the eye lid trick, eye drops…someone help

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@tchandler Sorry to hear it. Then it’s time to go to an optometrist. I ended up just going to my girlfriend’s eye doctor, who took 5 minutes and got it out.

One thing to note, even after the particle was out, it hurt and felt like it was still there for a number of hours, just from the irritation. So I didn’t know it was successfully gone until the next day.

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Ma-goo you just saved my life!!!

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Ma-goo, Wow I was amazed how this works. Thank you Jesus for you!

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Ma-goo, it works like magic. The thing (I don’t know what it is) stuck in my eye for hours and as I read you answer, I pull my eyelash out and in a second, it’s gone. Thank you very much. You are my lifesaver.

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Ma-goo is right on, just an addition if you are unable to grab your eye lashes like me (caused and instant reaction like blinking) just close your eye and (gently) grab the top eyelid and pull it down and over.

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omg ma-goo thanks sooooooooooooooooooooooo much !!!!!!!!

I was about to call a doctor THANKS!!!!!!

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my reason is the same as many on here, i would like to thank you ma-goo so very much. i was going crazy with this problem. i thank you so much.

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I registered here just so I could thank ma-goo. My son had something in his eye and I was just about to call the doctor when I read Ma-goo’s tip. I tried it and my son immediately said “that feels better”. This is after we flushed the eye, and I turned the lids up so I could try and fish out whatever was in there. I thought we would be going to the Dr. for sure! Thank you Ma-goo!

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I had somthing in my eye all day. Tried shower with eye lid open and water rushing in it, drops, blinking. This hurt, just somthing blew into my eye in the morning outside. I thought my nap would do the trick (REM). nothing. Docs were closed by the time I wanted to call. Went to bed when the wife and kids did and woke up PERFECT, but crusty and swollen, from messing with. Thanks REM, the natural way. Wish I saw MAGOO’s would have tried that. Thats my tip, REM, sleep.

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well if your eye is hurting that bad, then ask your parents to help you. Try asking one of your family members to blow it out for you, I have the same problem right now. try closing your eye and blinking or to try to flush it away, try to splash water on your face it might help alot, if that doesnt work try youtube or ask your familyor your doctor they can flush it away easily, Try sleeping, Or if this helps try to just flip your eye lid and see whats there and be carfull to try to get it out, if you see whats in there and you want to try to get it out but you dont know with what, Get a Q-tip and a stirofoam cup,put some water in the stirofoam cup and them put the Q-tip in the cup of water then make your eye lid flip and try to get it out it might work if this doesnt help try looking at some other websites like: How to get stuff out of my eye lid and it really hurts

I really hope this helps Alot.;)

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MAGOO you are my hero man, I made an account to thank you. On the way back from the Tigers game where Sanches threw 17 strikeouts my friend got something in his eye we were al really upset. Then we went through a bunch of stuff and your tip finally worked you are my boy. BBBEEEEAAAYYYYUUUUUMMMMMMM

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Magoo is a lifesaver thank gosh I read this

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