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Your thoughts on Revolutionary Road? Caution: Spoilers Ahead!

Asked by bythebay (8209points) February 5th, 2009

During my Superbowl Movie Marathon, one of the movies we saw was Revolutionary Road with Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet. I thought it was very well acted almost to the point of being disturbing. The realtors “crazy” son was perhaps the sanest one in the bunch. There were so many interpersonal relationships going on, with the neighbors, the secretary, etc. What did you think? How did you feel about the ending? What the movie at all what you expected? What do you think the message of the movie was?

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Yes, not only was Michael Shannon’s character the sanest, but he also majorly stole those scenes I smell an Oscar for him.

I thought Kate was, well exquisite, and will likely win. I haven’t seen The Reader, but she’s nominated for both films. Her onscreen chemistry with Leonardo DiCaprio is amazing. And to think, this film is directed by her husband, Sam Mendes.

I thought this film very accurately depicted that era, even down to how pervasive smoking was in society.

I think the message of the film is how bankrupt we become emotionally in relationships when there is no emotional intimacy and when couples keep certain topics/issues “off limits”.

The ending is very heart wrenching, especially when she calls her neighbor.

I think by the end of the film her character is feeling such a tremendous emptiness, that she is overwraugt with the guilt she feels and can no longer face the person she has become.

I was just wondering, who do you think the baby’s father is?
Her husband or her best friend’s husband?

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Really loved it. Thought all the acting was superb. I’ve also watched The Reader and thought Winslet’s acting was far more accomplished in this film.

Favourite scene: the breakfast. The mood in that scene had been built up throughout the movie and was immense. If someone watched that scene independently from the rest of the movie it would just seem like any other breakfast scene. Perhaps a little odd. But because of the build-up I really felt the eerie mood. Plus the fact that the scene is sandwich between two emotionally chaotic ones (the argument & the abortion) only adds to the atmosphere. btw, do you think the ‘scrambled’ eggs are a metaphor??

Dissappointed the film wasn’t nominated for more awards.

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It was exactly what I expected it to be from the trailer. My gf insisted on going (I don’t know what she was expecting) and I didn’t really feel like that sort of movie, but we went. And she got all depressed.

The problem with the movie (other than being a genre I did not feel like watching at the time) is that it does not show us the love between them. Sometimes it doesn’t really make sense why they keep trying when nowadays people would have just given up. But perhaps that’s part of the realism in portraying a different era with different values, where marriage and family mattered. If it was done on purpose, well done. If not, it’s just a poorly-built plot.

Also on a personal level, I could not really identify with either of the main characters. I’m sure that many people, especially with family problems, will have seen themselves in this film, but I didn’t. My divorce came as a result of very different (and far worse) situations.

Plus I don’t like these actors that much. Don’t get me wrong, they are very good at what they do. It’s just a personal taste thing. The whole thing simply didn’t work for me. But as I said, I was not in the mood for that movie at the time.

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I think the whole point was a personal decision on the part of the wife. She’s saying, “If this is all there is, and it certainly seems to be that way, then I don’t want it.” She didn’t have a lot of options, but she could choose not to participate in that sort of life.

I thought it was interesting that the kids were not very present in the life of the couple. She was very defined as a wife and trying to hold onto her personhood throughout, but she didn’t seem to have this big mother role, too. She didn’t seem really motivated one way or the other by the kids who were already present only by the pregnancy and what that would mean for their plans.

He didn’t want to walk the road less traveled and she desperately did. The pregnancy was really just an excuse of an out for him. He really just wanted to dream about Paris and she wanted to live it. He had other options at home and she didn’t. He wanted to make all the decisions and he finally got to without her there.

Depressing? Yeah. I’d say it was depressing. But there’s also this big hopeful thing that comes out of those types of movies because we live in a time where our choices aren’t reduced to that. We have a lot of other options now, and I’m not just talking about abortion. There’s a whole world of options for women living our lives today that didn’t exist then. Maybe a part of the reason we have the options we do is because there were so many women backed into a corner in this dark past.

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You know, the jury is definitely out on this one. My friend and I saw it together several weeks ago, and we both sort of feel like the whole beginning was just a couple fighting. I definitely feel like I need a second viewing when it comes out on DVD.

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