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What is the perfect Valentines Day date?

Asked by emmy23 (256points) February 5th, 2009

I would love to go to the beach with my bf and share a picnic under the stars. =)

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Do that then?

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im asking for opinions of you guys =)
thats what i want to know

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Or are you asking what would be OUR perfect date?

I’d just like to go out for a nice meal, then come home to snuggle up with a good movie and shiz-loads of popcorn followed by an enjoyable evening. :)

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yes i am asking for what you all consider your perfect date to be. I already have mine in mind lol

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Eating out somewhere non-fussy, like a hot dog stand, then going for a fantastic movie, like Coraline. Then home to snuggle.

Coincidentally, this is what we plan on doing.

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@EmpressPixie d’awww it’s the simple things in life that count eh :)

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Cooking, and then enjoying, a delicious three course meal at a candlelit table. There may or may not be roses or other nice flowers involved. Some type of nice music playing. A nice cup of wine and something else after dessert. And then whatever else may arise from such a situation.

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Perfect for me would be going somewhere to hear some jazz and having them play “My Funny Valentine.”

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We always get take out and are amused at how many people wait over an hour for a table, we bring it home and watch a movie…very relaxing!

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My wife likes to go to the fanciest restaurant in town (The Mansion, in Lexington), have a nice bottle of vino, then I’ll put on some Frank or Dino and go for a relaxing moonlight drive way out in the country (mountains). Then we pretend it’s our third date (for modesty’s sake).

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@EmpressPixie if only it was that simple… I would just like to snuggle with my girl, watch a movie or something. I just want to be with her. However this is coming for a guy, so I’m not sure how helpful this is.

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