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Web browser problems?

Asked by tb1570 (3113points) February 5th, 2009

I use Internet Explorer with a Google tool bar. Recently my google toolbar has disappeared and I can’t get it to re-activate. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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You’re using IE. That’s a problem.

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Internet Explorer should be banished. I know it’s not solving your problem, but you should try switching to a better browser. Take Firefox or Chrome for a spin.

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You beat me to it cage!

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Firefox and Chrome have Google search built in. They’re free and faster than IE. Try them.

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Firefox for the win!

Chrome is good, but it’s only for Windows right yet. Also, starting this week, I noticed Chrome Incognito mode won’t let me access Facebook or Google Docs. This is a new problem.

So Firefox!

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I would suggest uninstalling the toolbar and reinstalling it. If that doesn’t work, I don’t know.

But, keep in mind that tb1570 might not be able to switch browsers. Think computer at work. Or a computer that has to access a page that only works in IE.

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I’ve been using apple safari because it is simple and has a spellcheck. Loads ultra fast too.

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@johnpowell true. i still got chrome to install at work, even with a very locked down network system.

and there’s always the option of thumbdrive versions of some of these options.

but yeah, if the page requires IE, you’re stuck. mostly.

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@johnpowell : thank you! You are exactly right! And I have to tell you, I have tried firefox on my home computer and was not overly impressed—it seems super slow! But that could be do to the fact that I live in China, though I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it.

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When IE gets real slow, I recommend going into the Add-ons maintenance screen and disabling every single one of them.
Zoom! you will be fast again.

Then, as you discover things that no longer work, go back in and re-enable the needed Add-on. (e.g. Adobe, or Flash, Google toolbar). But notice what makes your browser start to go slow.

Then ask yourself: Is it IE that sucks? Or is Google Toolbar as implemented for IE that sucks?

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Anyway, you might be able to right-click somewhere at the top (I wouldn’t really know where, in Firefox I can do it on the Home, Refresh, Stop, etc.-buttons) and then make sure something like “Google Toolbar” is checked or something.

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I agree with the first posts – if at all possible switch to Firefox or Chrome. If you have no choice then try disabling the toolbar then re-enabling it.

How to do this depends on which version of IE are you using. If it’s IE7 try using the Tools menu. Tools > Toolbars > – you should then see the name of the toolbar you want. Try toggling enable/disable to see if it comes back. Failing that re-install the toolbar.

For IE6 you need to go to VIEW > Toolbars and try disable/enable trick or reinstall. If that still fails contact your internal IT dept that is forcing you to use this horrible browser to fix it or install a better browser.

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@kullervo thanks for the hints! I’ll give it a shot!

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