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Why are so much of us, myself included attracted to ask and answer internet groups like fluther?

Asked by GAMBIT (3855points) February 5th, 2009
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We like being social?
We like giving advice?
We like hearing about other people and their weird dilemmas?
We like to learn.
This is a great place to be social, give and get advice, learn new stuff, and hear some crazy stories.

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Some of us also enjoy writing in an interactive setting.

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EmpressPixie nailed it!

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Personally, I have no idea. I have never used another site like fluther, and I do not use myspace, face book, or twitter. I just happened along fluther one day and I enjoyed the topics and the discussions. That was in April 2008 and I haven’t left yet.

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I am in a setting where I work from home so you all are my office mates of sort.

I was mistreated at my last place of employment for 6 years so I appreciate the respect I usually get here.

Thing’s are not going that great with my sig/oth right now in terms of communication and that is making me lonely so it is nice to have this as an out let.

I like to help people. I like to go somewhere where “people” and not programming can help me and discuss the answers to my questions.

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@Bri_L – Glad it is working for you Bri L. It sounds like fluther means a lot to you and that you appreciate everyone here. Awesome.

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I think there are a number of different reasons, and EP certainly has a good list. However the reasons are different for different groups of people

I’m not sure exactly how many different categories of people I would say are here, because I believe there are a number of groups that I never interact with. The group I am most familiar with I think I might call the “middle-aged depressed.” Sometimes it is just “the depressed” without any age limits.

These people share certain characteristics besides, or perhaps because of being depressed that make sites like these the perfect solution. Depressed people may crave company, but they can’t get themselves out of the house. Even if they can, they have a lot of trouble connecting with people and making friends, simply because they are convinced no one would like them.

Sites like this are perfect. You can meet people without leaving your house. It’s a built-in social system, and no one can see you, so clothing, tics, and body type can’t turn anyone off. Here, we are all movie stars (well, if we choose to be).

There’s another group I’ve noticed that seems to represent a fair portion of the population here and that is students. They range from high school to grad school, with the predominat population being in college. They have a tendency towards the relationship and human behavior questions, but that is by no means all they ask.

I think that for them, fluther is like the favorite aunt. The one you can ask anything of, and she won’t be phased. She won’t judge. She’ll give you a straight answer (unless she’s in a mood to tease, in which case, she will make jokes).

There’s a group that Bri L just mentioned: people who work from home, and need the connections that you would normally have at a larger workplace.

There are also people who use online sites like this as a built-in support group. Some are very successful because they have a good attitude towards their problems. Others may be successful in getting support in a different way. However the community leaps to support anyone sympathetic who has a problem like cancer or love troubles or suicidal thoughts.

People can fit in more than one of these categories, of course.

I believe there are also hard-nosed techy types who answer all the technical questions, but I’m not sure, since I never go after those questions. In addition, there are a few people who are here purely to have fun, but it is hard to get away with that here, since the mods don’t like open-ended, imprecise questions. They also do not appear to like pure silliness. I think people like this are more likely to be found at other places.

There are also the society mavens—a group that is mainly online for social reasons. They tend to be cliquish once they develop a style, and while they claim to be open to new folks, their style really does not allow for anyone outside their standards to participate. To my knowledge, there are no such groups here, but I have seen them on similar sites.

Anyhoo, that’s what I see. I’d really be interested to find out how other people would categorize the folks here, if that’s appropriate to the question.

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Because everyone should have the oportunity to be blessed with my words of wisdom.

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@d_a_carlson: I’m waiting with bated breath….

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…I think they have a mouthwash for that. <ducking> :^>

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phhhttttt. Jeez, I’m sorry cyndyh. I dunno how I managed to spray that over you. ;-)

Here, let me help you clean up your outfit…

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I mean, to be honest, I’m here at least in part because I work alone, in an office with no windows, and my only human contact during work hours comes from you guys and answering the phone. I love my alone time and all, and I do work hard, but… human interaction: I value it.

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Ha, apparently I come here to be e-spit on. LOL!

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You wouldn’t think it was so funny if it happened in reality, I bet!

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No. My boot would be meeting Brazil about now. :^>

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Now, that’s what I’m talking about!

or is it, Now, that’s what I’m talking about?

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I think it’s, “Now, that’s what I’m talking about!”

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Yeah. What you said.

Maybe some day I’ll catch up to Seinfeldian articulation.

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Were we talking about Seinfeld? I missed that.

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I like the fact that Fluther allows me to hear the different opinions of so many different people. No matter how wide and diverse my circle of friends, I could never have, nor actually would I want to have, as many as I have access to in Fluther.

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I believe it’s because there aren’t so many people on Fluther that your question won’t be answered or even seen, but there are enough to have to have enough questions to not get bored.

like that would be possible on Fluther

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Because on the internet, no one knows I’m really a fluffy kitten.

Oh, whoops.

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what the pixie said.

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we weren’t. We were trying to sound as if we were on that show… or, at least, I was

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I’m on a couple of similar sites, guess we are all familiar w/yahoo, which has become the brunt of jokes all over the place, for good reasons. MSNs QNA is a decent place though, but so far this place seems to be more free form, looser and more enjoyable. Better types of questions. Reddit is fun for info and some decent comment threads, but not very friendly in many ways.
Just adding this to the first answer that covered the question thoroughly. of course carlson’s brilliance must have something to do with it…:)
it is an opportunity to find out what other people are thinking without the hassle of too much personalities or dogma creeping in.

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This is the one and only site I participate in. Like @tinyfaery, I came on a whim and never looked back.

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@daloon: Ah, ok. I was just being silly in general. Seinfeld was never really my thing.

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because we lurve Fluther…

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Sites like this allow me to shoot my mouth off and pretend I know what I’m talking about.

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