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Can anyone else do the water droplet sound in their mouth by taping their cheek?

Asked by toomuchcoffee911 (6928points) February 5th, 2009

I can, I was wondering if anyone else can.

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It took me a week of trying, my sophmore year in high school, but I mastered it. I can even do it without flicking my cheek.

—lurve for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

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I have seen people do this but had never tired until just now.

I read this questions, fiddled with my cheek for a few seconds, and hey! I can do it!

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You guys need to go on Letterman with all that talent! :)

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Waterdrop quartet, anyone?

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@chyna…I’ll never be as cool as the guy who can stop a metal fan with his tounge.

or the stupid pet trick guy that taught his myna bird to shit when he said word “plotz”

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i can make a sound with my lips like a leaky water faucet that drips one drip at a time. i get real close to my kids ears to make the sound when they won’t get up. works every time.

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I can use any of my fingers on either cheek. Also I can tap the bottom of my mouth under my jawline area and make the same noise.

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This question reminded me of this. I thought was a pretty neat video.

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I can, but it’s kind of weak. Can anyone make a similar sound by flicking their throats? Look up at the ceiling to apply tension to your windpipe, and have fun looking like a doofus.

By the way, @RandomMrdan, that is incredible! It’s like a printer for water. And it never runs out of toner!

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@RandomMrdan THAT IS AWESOME!!!!

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I can’t do it by tapping, but I can do it by hooking my finger into the inside of my cheek and popping it out. Always wished I could do it just by tapping…

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No, but I can stick out my tongue, curl it into a tube shape and whistle through it. Does that count?

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