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What are some essential programs?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34489points) February 5th, 2009

I just reinstalled Windows XP on my computer after about a year and a half without it. What do you think are some must have programs? i forget whats good

Only things i installed so far were Firefox, Pidgin, and AVG

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Another great application is CCleaner, it is an application that deletes all of your cookies, and temp files stored on your computer anytime you access the internet. It’s great for a quick computer cleanup. iTunes is another obvious one. Best of all…they’re free!

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Don’t forget VLC for video and FooBar for listening to music. you can also scroll with foobar

Edit – I also use Copernic Desktop Search for finding things super fast. Cuz Windows search is annoyingly slow.

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I use an application called Registry Patrol that cleans, maintains, and corrects errors in my registry and other areas of my computer. I would recommend this one. I like Itunes a lot also and I’d recommend that one if you are a big fan of music.

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Photoshop. Didn’t realize how much I used it until I didn’t have it. Painful.
Was going to say Firefox and AVG, but you’ve got that covered.

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Family Tree Maker and RedShift.

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Office suite – MS or Open

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@fireside Haha…I love that it took seven answers
before someone mentioned Office suite.
GA for not missing the obvious.

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<—-has no need for office suite :P

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StarCraft and Diablo II


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What?! Not even Word?

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who needs word when ya got notepad :P. I dont type anything “official” that notepad wouldnt be ok for.

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K-lite Mega Codec Pack—Never worry about not having the right codecs again.

Rainlendar: Desktop Calendar and Planner—I can’t live without this.

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i knew there was a huge codec pack, i just forgot what it was, thanks :)

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here is a great resource, answers all of your questions. the FF answer for adobe is good, much smaller footprint. if you just downloaded the whole thing you’d be up and running in no time. check out the updated list…

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Much lurve to you, free. That’s a great list!

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sweet thanks free :)

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